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Health formulas

Joint-Stock Company « Balm » is engaged in working out and manufacture original, high-quality medical – preventive preparations, biologically active additives to food on the basis of natural vegetative raw materials, honey, butters since 1991.

the Priority direction of work of the company is working out of phytopreparations for female health that is caused   a special urgency and the importance of a problem today. Last decades steady growth of gynecologic diseases at women of any age is marked, especially sharply there are questions of reproductive health that becomes a serious medical and social problem   also is one of the leading reasons of demographic crisis in Russia. In the conditions of intense life and negative influence of environment it is the extremely important to modern woman to include in the diet products with the raised maintenance of biologically active substances positively influencing for work of all systems of an organism, strengthening health and reducing risk of development of many diseases.

the Phytocomplex « ORTILIDA » (the formula 1 + the formula 2) – a novelty in the field of female health! A phytocomplex   it is executed in the form of two consistently applied preparations: the formula 1 and the formula 2. As a part of each formula – a unique combination of medicinal grasses of Altai and vitamins. A phytocomplex « ORTILIDA »   has no analogues, its uniqueness is confirmed by the patent for the invention, efficiency and positive influence   on female health are proved by the clinical researches spent by accredited establishments of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

the Phytocomplex « ORTILIDA » - nelekarstvennyj, it is intended for maintenance and preservation of reproductive health of the woman, improvement of a functional status of female sexual system. It is applied to preventive maintenance, in complex therapy and in rehabilitation of gynecologic diseases of inflammatory character, hormonal infringements, barreness.

Joint-Stock Company « Balm » conducts a permanent job on assortment expansion, creation of new natural and useful production, using traditions of national medicine, unique compoundings, original and high technologies, bringing thereby the contribution to performance of problems of the national project « Health ».

Our address: Altay territory, Biisk, street Socialist, 1,

t/ f (3854 31 - 50 - 89, balzamsb@yandex. ru, http:// www. balzamcda. ru

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