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High reliability

« Expert RA » has confirmed a rating of credit status of Open Society « CHELYABINVESTBANK » at level A — « credit status High level » . According to agency, it means that in short-term prospect the bank with high probability will provide timely performance of all financial obligations both flowing, and arising during its activity. In intermediate term prospect the probability of execution of the obligations demanding considerable payments, to a great extent depends on stability of macroeconomic and market indicators.

rating Acknowledgement bears to stability of bank, its high reliability and overall performance. A rating « And » is one of competitive advantages of Chelyabinvestbank.

For 2010 the Chelyabinvestbank has increased the presence in the area market

For 2010 Chelyabinvestbank has opened eight new branches in Chelyabinsk and area, becoming even closer and more accessible than all groups of clients — from the industrial enterprises to physical persons. In Chelyabinsk offices have appeared: in the centre to addresses: street Kurchatova, 22, and Freedom street, 155, on Severo - the West — on the Komsomol prospectus, 32, in Traktorozavodsky area — on avenue of Victory, 115, and in Metallurgical area on street Cherkassk, 26. Two new offices in Magnitogorsk have opened. This year in bank geography there was a new city — Emanzhelinsk where the branch of the South Ural branch has opened.

All in a bank infrastructure for today 85 divisions work. This number includes the Head-office, 10 branches and 74 branches.

infrastructure Development is one of strategic problems of Chelyabinvestbank. At the same time the wide network of the offices which are in step-by-step availability, allows to satisfy requirements of clients more full.

the Chelyabinvestbank has let out over 900 000 plastic cards

Following the results of for January, 1st, 2011 in circulation was more than 907 thousand plastic cards of Chelyabinvestbank. From them about 80 thousand bank emitted for 2010. On volume of issue of plastic cards the Chelyabinvestbank within several years occupies 1 - e a place among regional banks.

the Bank lets out popular international maps VISA, universal kobrendingovye maps « MasterCard — the Gold Crown » convenient Russian maps — « the Gold Crown » and social maps.

Together with issue growth the infrastructure of service of maps of bank grows also: now it totals 155 cash dispenses and 1030 trading terminals. In Chelyabinvestbank cash dispenses it is possible not only to remove cash, but also to pay many services, including in system « the City ».

the Chelyabinvestbank and plans to increase further volume of issue and to expand an infrastructure of service of payment maps, combining in plastic cards modern technologies, convenience and appeal to clients.

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