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Fresh newspapers - in each house

  the Social importance of a subscription and delivery of newspapers and magazines cannot be overestimated. It is especially important for the remote villages where the press is one of the basic sources of the information on events in the country and in the world. the director of management « Mails of Russia » across Altay territory Evgenie Bedarev is assured that an appreciation of a commission of experts of XIII competition « the Best Altay goods of 2010 » and VIII competition « the Best service of 2010 » responsible and laborious work of postmen will induce collective to new results and achievements.

Distance not a barrier!

– Today Management « Mails of Russia » across Altay territory carries out important function of the state value – Connects together huge spaces of city and rural territories of region, – director UFPS of Altay territory speaks. – I want to notice that from the second half of the year 2008 the price for a subscription remains immutable. Publishers reserve the right to itself to raise the quotations, and FGUP « Mail of Russia » cost of the service leaves at former level. I think that our constant subscribers have paid to this attention and have estimated our work. By the way, a competition commission of experts « the Best service of 2010 » the conclusion did, considering, including, and responses of consumers. It has been considered more than 200 references from physical persons and the organisations which subscribe in our post offices. Clients especially marked timeliness and convenience of rendered service, and inhabitants of villages wrote about diligent work of the postmen working on their sites. After all more than eight hundred post offices are located in countryside.

to Subscribe in time

At the initiative of FGUP « Mail of Russia » twice a year – in the first days of summer and in an early autumn – the All-Russia decade of a subscription is spent. At this time simultaneously in all territory of the country within ten days you can subscribe to favourite newspapers, magazines and the specialised literature. And every year the quantity of the publishing houses which are taking part in this action, increases. By the way, during this period publishers aspire to give a discount for the production, therefore to subscribe begins favourably.   also by post offices are regularly spent « Days of the subscriber » – discounts are given to all clients, and editions of newspapers organise draws of gifts for the subscribers.

– Timeliness of registration of a subscription gives a guarantee of that newspapers and magazines to which you have got used, and next half-year the postman will regularly bring to your address, – the head of department of distribution of press UFPS of Altay territory Larissa Hmurovich speaks . – Specificity of work of our postmen that during the short period of carrying out of decade of a subscription they need to bypass all addresses. And here rural postmen not simply know by sight all living on their site, but also well remember, who has got used to write out what edition, than is fond also what printing novelty to it to offer.

It is necessary to notice that « the Subscription and periodicals delivery » not unique service of Management « Mails of Russia » across Altay territory which is awarded awards of traditional regional competition « the Best service of year ». In different years of UFPS AK diplomas of 1 degree for services were handed over: « Reception and payment   the accelerated transfers » direct post mailing « Direkt – a mail » the project « Cybermails ». And for the high social importance of service « Delivery of pensions and grants » the Altay branch of Mail of Russia in 2009 has won the higher award – a gold medal of competition.   and now service one more popular and claimed at the population – a subscription – also carries a rank « the Gold brand of Altai ».

the Inquiry « »

Today Mail of Russia conducts subscription campaign in 1051 branch of a mail service. Single circulation of subscription editions   makes more than 750 000 copies. Mail service management in Altay territory actively masters new forms of a subscription: a subscription in-home or at office, a subscription through a network the Internet. On a site www. altpost. ru possibility to look through the electronic catalogue is given to the subscriber and to prepare the receipt for subscription registration.

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