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We disaccustom a cat to mark territory

To our cat of Muse of 5 years. techki it persistently marks furniture, packages at time, pieces of paper, walls, clothes.   acquaintances koshatniki recommend to sterilise a cat, but I the opponent polostnyh operations without special need. Tried   it to calm down by means of soothing preparations, but it helps not on long. It would not be desirable to punish, and I doubt that she will understand. In what the reason of such behaviour? Can be to try to give tablets or drops which stifle a sexual instinct? And #8232;

and #8232;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Olga.

both #8232; and #8232; - to Leave labels during time techki for a cat completely it is normal. To correct this problem it is possible only having lowered level of hormones. Therefore doctors offer you sterilisation or application of hormonal preparations.

To tell the truth, I would recommend to your Muse to make sterilisation then the cat will precisely cease to mark and call to itself grooms. And here contraceptives are dangerous enough to animals. They can provoke pojavenie various tumours and other problems. Them apply in rare instances and only to cats who use in offspring reception is better. And #8232;  

By the way, it is possible to manage and without operation. The matter is that the organism of a cat is arranged in such a manner that after a meeting with a cat it calm down, irrespective of there has come pregnancy or not. Therefore it is possible to take a wadded stick and to simulate polovojt the certificate. As soon as the following « will begin; hotelki » procedure can be repeated. Both #8232; and #8232;