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The size of a female chest increases every year!


Here, for example, the British companies on linen manufacture receive more and more complaints concerning that to ladies their production of the habitual sizes became small. Also it is a question of natural mammary glands, instead of about general hobby for plastic arts. Here, apparently, to muzhiks - that pleasure!

And here physicians are disturbed, after all the more a chest, the more strongly loading both on a backbone, and on warm - vascular system. Still, after all persi the size L weigh about 6,5 kilogrammes. Now the average size of the British – 34E. And in fiftieth it there was cup B, writes The Daily Mail.

that has called rapid growth of chests? Experts combine business with pleasure: check to the touch and reflect.

Someone considers that all business, in fatty adjournment. For example, professor Michael Baum tells supposedly fat is postponed for chests the same as and on other parts of a body. And in view of adiposity epidemic, increase in the size of a chest it is no wonder. And like as increase by only mammary glands, and and chest volume as a whole.

But after all not all owners of magnificent busts - fat.

Doctor Merilin Glenvil holds the opinion that the fatty layer of a chest, and muscular and ferruterous fabrics grows not. Here again the female hormone an estrogen which is responsible for their growth at once occurs. And recently the situation and with internal development of an estrogen, and with the hormone maintenance in environment has changed.

At girls now puberty much earlier begins. Thus they give birth to children later and not so long nurse them. And childbirth and feeding allows to supervise the hormones stimulating growth of new cages in a chest.

As a result the modern woman is exposed to influence bolshego numbers of splashes in the estrogen stimulating ovuljatsiju. And more the moment: Present 20 - 25 - summer women are born from women, whose generation sat on the first hormonal contraceptives with lethal doses of a synthetic estrogen.

Moreover, hormones and gormonopodobnye substances get to our organism together with cosmetics, vegetables and the fruit which has been grown up on pesticides. And the sedentary life leads to delay of speed of a hormonal exchange.

So cosmetic surgeons predict that that and look turns at operations on reduction of a chest become longer, than behind silicone implants.