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The flu epidemic officially has not begun, but all already are ill!

a flu or something very similar to it mows our numbers! And though the Main state health officer Gennady Onishchenko assures that in capital epidporog is not exceeded yet (that is though are ill, but not in large quantities), already now a part of our colleagues have literally fallen ill. Despite of that that « celebratory orgy » has helped to lower disease level, in the underground and on work sneeze more and more to the people. As during an influenzal season to remain standing, we and have tried to find out.


- Late you have thought suddenly, - the main research assistant of scientific research institute of virus preparations, a member of the European academy of Sciences, grippolog Yury Gendon has scolded us. - it was necessary to take root. But also now for the present not late. While the flu has not typed turns while there is no epidemic, provaktsinirujtes. Only not a live vaccine, and inaktivirovannoj. It will help not to fall ill and reduce risk of complication.

- it is valid, it is possible to take root now if you in risk group, - it agree ekpert « » the doctor - the immunologist Tatyana Tikhomirov. - high-grade immunity develops, of course, not at once, and weeks through two. But also defective it is better, than anything. Even if you have entered yesterday a vaccine, and today have caught, additional antigene loading will help immune system to react faster on the activator. As similar way vaccination from furiousness works, for example. You are not surprised, what supposedly sense to take root, if me have already bitten?

- Remember that the flu is most infectious in first three days, even if the person yet temperaturit, viruses it already with might and main « scatters » - Yury Gendon warns. - So drive the ill colleague on the hospital. Even once having sneezed, the patient can infect more than 50 persons! After all viruses air - a drop way are sprayed on distance to seven metres. Besides they are very hardy. Even if the person modestly coughs in a palm, and then undertakes same hand door handle, chance to pick up after it a flu - almost absolute. Therefore wash hands! More often, than usually, and it is obligatory after street.

- it is possible to wipe hands antibacterial napkins or special gels « hand sanitizer » (now they have appeared and in Russia), - specifies Tikhomirov. - small bottles small, convenient, gel is squeezed out on hardly - hardly. Waters it is not necessary, it is not necessary to wipe, stains does not leave, a skin of hands like does not spoil - a good piece.

remember a rule: everything that someone concerned, except you, consider as conditionally infected. Never touch the person, without having processed preliminary a hand.


- If you nevertheless obchihali and you feel that start to be ill - tickles in a throat, is scratched in a nose, the head aches a bit, - is urgent in a drugstore! With viruses only special preparations can struggle, instead of that cold symptoms remove, - prompts grippolog.

the First - remantadin. It inexpensive, but a preparation already become outdated, that is a part of viruses to it already « have got used » also can not react simply. More expensive, but also more effective preparations of new generation - tamiflju, relenza. If to drink in the very first days of diseases - effect good. And the third - old kind interferon. If to dig in it in a nose duly, not once a week, and some times in day, through
3 - 5 hours (depending on a preparation kind), it becomes good protection. It softens mucous, well protects from penetration of viruses and helps to struggle with already got to a nose.

From natural preparations « without chemistry » physicians advise very popular in Moscow otsillokoktsinum - it well helps at any stage of illness, but it is better if to start to accept it in advance, for preventive maintenance, - on 1 - 2 doses in a week. Otsillokoktsinum it is possible to give both to adults, and small children, ghost effects at it are not present.

Also will a little constrain attack of viruses oksolinovaja or viferonovaja ointment. The main thing - do not forget to grease with it a nose before an exit on street or before mass action.

what to buy for preventive maintenance

Experts of scientific research institute of a flu besides remantadina and arbidola advise others protivovirusnye preparations of new generation: orvirem (till 2008 was called algirem), ingaron, grippferon, tsikloferon, amiksin, reaferon - EU.

last five concern to interferonsoderzhashchim, therefore to drink them it is necessary literally in the first days of illness. Also it is desirable to hold in each house first-aid set.

and the LEAH GARLIC And the MASK WILL help?

- There is no serious scientific data that garlic eating protects from disease by a flu, but after all works! - Tatyana Tikhomirov tells. - I think, the secret is simple: presence of a powerful garlick exhaust forces people to turn away, breathe round you in other party. And it essentially reduces risk of infection! The same concerns and masks. When you come into the underground car in a mask, many think that at you a flu. Also are removed far away. And if it is serious, the usual mask easy passes viruses.

- except medicinal chemical means, will help also natural induktory immunity, - Yury Gendon confirms. - Besides garlic (and in it all - taki many antibacterial substances) are also propolis. To accept it it is necessary on hardly - hardly every day, it is possible with honey, it is possible in tablets. But also that and other means really help only with the onset of the illness. If you it is already serious zatemperaturili, to sense from them will not be.


- to Warn cold simply, the main thing - not to forget it to do, - speaks d. M. n., the professor, the director of Institute of herbal medicine Vladimir Korsun. - For example, instead of oksolinovoj ointments it is possible to wipe twice a day nasal courses mentolovym butter. Make protivovirusnyj tea: by one part of a sage, zmeegolovnika, corn rylets, mints and balms. To fill in this all it is necessary hot, but not boiling water not to destroy useful substances. It is necessary to drink in a warm kind, without sugar and honey!

it is possible to prepare mixture « Health »: on 50 ml of juice of an aloe, a kalanchoe, aralii and eleuterokokka (it is possible to buy all in a drugstore) to mix and add in tea on
10 - 15 drops. And also it is possible to grease with aloe juice a nose or to drink on some drops every day for preventive maintenance or during illness. Only before to receive juice, allow cut aloe leaves to rest in bed in the bottom department of the refrigerator 5 - 7 days.

still fine immunity is supported by all coniferous. The needles of a thuja, a juniper, a fur-tree, a pine, a fir can and be made as tea, and to do broths for a bath. The coniferous extract can be bought in a drugstore and to add in the evenings pair of spoons in a bath. fitontsidy will struggle with viruses and will put to your to heart.

it is important!

As has told « » the employee of scientific research institute of a flu Igor Nikanorov, viruses can quite extend at offices thanks to the general system of ventilation and air-conditioning. On ­ to it during an influenzal season timely service and replacement of filters which at least can partially keep virus distribution are important. And still there were now special devices of type of fans, but with bactericidal lamps. For preventive maintenance of general epidemic in the big collectives - are irreplaceable.

and   AS   At   THEM

Smell a geranium and the European dieticians insistently eat to an ear

advise during an influenzal season to avoid low-calorie diets, and also fastfudnyh a delicacy. So you raise chance to be ill. It is proved on mice! Drink juice, especially carrot, pumpkin, apricot is better. In them vitamin A contains. It helps development of natural immunity of type And, responsible for that the mucous did not pass viruses. And still dieticians recommend more than fat fish and uhi from it. And tea to drink with cardamom and ginger.

scientists from university Texas are assured that with viruses actively struggles... A geranium. Its leaflets contain flying fitontsidy which destroy viruses, « Flitting » round you. To get rid of undesirable bacteria, simply pound leaflets of a geranium and smell them. On a broader scale, the more greens at office, the better immunity.


And how about antibiotics?

Which - where on the Internet links to advice « flash; experts » saying that at a flu the most frequent of heavy complications - a pneumonia. It is called by that bacteria join a virus. So, to eat antibiotics, especially to people from risk group, very much even in a subject.

is not present, it not so.

- In a reality only third of influenzal pneumonia have the bacterial nature, - continues Tikhomirov. - and then BOTH means are necessary: and protivovirusnoe, and an antibiotic. And before pneumonia development no antibiotics are shown absolutely not.

By the way if all of you - taki were ill, do not accept aspirinsoderzhashchie the preparations diluting blood. At high temperature it can be dangerous. Doctors at a headache and temperature advise ibuprofen - and paratsetamolsoderzhashchie preparations. But anyway it is better not to be engaged in self-treatment. Go to the doctor and take the sick-list.