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Leah it is possible to take vacation for working year after the termination of this year? A leah

has the right mother nurturing two children (4 years and 8 years) to take vacation in August, 2011 for working year 10. 07. 2010 - 09. 07. 2011?


- Holiday during work with 10. 07. 2010 on 09. 07. 2011 should be used to 09. 07. 2011 After all according to article 170 of Labour code RB the employer is obliged to grant to the worker labour leave, as a rule, within each working year (annually). And in August, 2011 holiday will be already during work with 10. 07. 2011 on 09. 07. 2012.

Though in exceptional cases when granting of full labour holiday to the worker current working year can adversely be reflected in normal activity of the organisation, carrying over of a part of holiday the next working year is supposed with the consent of the worker. Then this part can be used in August. But all the same at least 14 calendar days should be given before the termination of current working year.

And to the women having of two and more children about 14 years are elderly, the employer at scheduling of labour holidays is obliged to plan holiday at will during summer or other convenient time (article 168 of Labour code RB).


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