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In Baranovichi lampads from tombs of pilots - heroes the vandal has scrapped

Pilots Alexander Marfitsky and Alexander Zhuravlevicha have buried in September, 2009. Then during the international air show which was passing in the Polish city of Radom, their plane has suffered accident. But pilots managed to withdraw the fighter from settlement and so to save life of many people.

Monuments to the lost pilots on a cemetery “ Rusino “ in Baranovichi have been opened on the eve of an anniversary of their  destruction. But has not passed also year as tombs have defiled.

- Wives of victims, having come on tombs, have found out that there are no four brass lampadok. Each of which costs approximately 360 thousand roubles, - has informed « the chief of department of criminal investigation department Baranovichsky ROVD Vasily Shevchyuk.

- Monuments of pilots - heroes are on the brink of our cemetery, therefore to follow them we and could not, and we for them do not bear responsibility, monuments are after all a private property, - has told « the chief of a site on cemetery preservation “ Rusino “ Peter Tserah.

Militiamen have found out loss quickly, at once having converted to buyers of a breakage of nonferrous metals. At one of them also have found lampads. That they stolen, the buyer also did not suspect. Have every other day detained also the vandal. In this time that has managed to make one more theft from tombs. Now 21 - to the summer idle inhabitant of Baranovichi threatens till five years of imprisonment.