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As to Siberians to get rid of cold for three days

- In the first 10 days of January doctors « First aid » left to patients of 27 thousand times! The most part of calls is connected with prostudnymi diseases. In comparison with the same period of last year their number has grown for 80 percent that, of course, does not please, - have resulted figures in Ministry of Health.

And the reasons for that two. In - the first, in area the peak of disease by a flu and ORVI is observed now. And in - the second, many transfer illness standing, do not want to take the sick-list …

- Today in area are ill prostudnymi diseases of more than 13 500 inhabitants. On hospital cots with these illnesses there were 274 persons, among them 161 child, - epidemiologists inform.

Figures unfavourable - excess epidporoga for 7,3 percent. How not to appear among the diseased? It is important to strengthen immunity every possible vitamins and as prophylactics to accept type preparations « Arbidol » « antigrippin » « Aflubin ». And what to do, if cold already has taken unawares and on its disposal there are only two - three days? Then follow resulted below the instruction.

Having accepted « Teraflju » or « Ferveks » you for a while feel better. But keep in mind that powders only remove cold symptoms, but do not relieve of it. Necessarily well sleep. During illness sound sleep is necessary to any organism first of all. To Cope with illness to you such preparations, as « will help; Rinza » « Otsillokoktsinum » or « Infljutsid » (but necessarily consult with the attending physician because there are contra-indications). Drink as much as possible a warm liquid. It is good, if it there will be broths zveroboja, currants or camomiles.

Also remember, on the average usual cold lasts till 5 days. If the cold, cough or temperature disturb you longer this term is first sign of that without the doctor not to manage.

the Purse

« Teraflju » - a dosage: 15,2 g, 10, a powder; the manufacturer: Canada, « Pateon Vitbi Ink »; the price: 233 rbl.

« Ferveks » - a dosage: 12,75 g, 4, a powder; the manufacturer: France, « Bristol - Myers Skvibb »; the price: 154 rbl.

« antigrippin » - a dosage: 10, a thorn. tab.; the manufacturer: the Netherlands, « Natures the Product Europe »; the price: 105 rbl.

« Aflubin » - a dosage: 24, tab.; the manufacturer: Austria, « Rihard Bittner AG »; the price: 210 rbl.

« Arbidol » - a dosage: 100 mg, 10, kaps.; the manufacturer: Russia, Open Society « Farmstandart - Leksredstva »; the price: 176,5 rbl.

« Otsillokoktsinum » - a dosage: 6 doses, gran.; the manufacturer: France, laboratory « Buaron »; the price: 217 rbl.

« Rinza » - a dosage: ?1 0, tab.; the manufacturer: India, « Junik Farmasjutikal Laboratoriz »; the price: 57 rbl.

« Infljutsid » - a dosage: 60, tab.; the manufacturer: Germany, « German homoeopathic union DHU - Artsnajmittel GmbH and To. KG »; the price: 189 rbl.

the Cedar butt - the average price in salons of Novosibirsk: 600 rbl.

By the way

According to World Health Organization, annually in epidemic distribution of a flu by this illness suffer affliction everyone 3 - 5 - j the child and 5 - 10 - j the adult.