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From - for snow mounts in danger pedestrians!

in edition the reader who was called as Aleksandrom:Sneg both from sidewalks has called, and from roads dump on lawns. As a result it is along the edges expensive   mounts have grown. Especially high they near transitions (therefrom too after all with snow cover). I go by the car and I do not see, a leah is before transitions pedestrians! Suddenly who is unexpected under wheels will jump out.

it is valid, a picture on all city the similar: Both on Top Dubrove and on the prospectus of Builders and on the World: near pedestrian crossings were formed brustvery by height to 1,5 metres. To see behind it the pedestrian, especially the child – it is unreal. At any moment it can jump out on proezzhuju a part from « a snow hole ».
In department of propagation of regional management of traffic police have confirmed that such problem exists. It is connected by that kommunalshchiki have not time to take out snow.
- Conversation with a management « Mehkolonny » on this subject was. Kommunalshchiki promised to take out gradually, - the inspector of department Michael Maslov has informed.
an eye in traffic police advise both to drivers, and pedestrians to be especially careful in zones of noncontrollable transitions. Drivers necessarily should brake before transitions. And pedestrians should remember care. To look around and not to run at top speed...
Try to find on this picture of the pedestrian
the Photo: Peter SOKOLOV
the Separate statistics about that, how much pedestrians have suffered from - for the bad review of a zone of transitions, GAI officers do not conduct.


the Director « Mehkolonny »:

« we Work even at night »

With a question on cleaning of snow mounts in zones of pedestrian crossings we were converted from a fulfilling duty of the director of Open Company « Mehkolonna » to Oleg Kruglov. Here that he has responded:

- If it is a question of transitions to the main roads our organisation is obliged to take out therefrom snow. We do it. And gradually all we will take out. It is necessary to work even at night though by the contract of it it is not provided. But differently it is impossible: it is a lot of transport in the afternoon... To take out snow from minor roads and in places of departures from court yard we should not. But nevertheless we try to trample down it that visibility was better. Export from such places of snow is possible at the special arrangement with MBU « the Accomplishment »...

and at this time

we set up records on arrivals on pedestrians

last Thursday in Vladimir region there were 8 road accidents to victims. 6, that is the overwhelming majority — these are arrivals on pedestrians.

At 4 o`clock in the morning in the street Shelkovikov in Kirzhach the car « Hyundai - Elantra » has brought down the young woman who passed road to an unstated place. It was lost.

In 16. 45 in Vladimir on Big Nizhniy Novgorod « the Harmony - Samara » Has brought down on noncontrollable transition 9 - the summer girl. Fortunately, traumas have appeared lungs — closed cranial - a brain trauma and a nose bruise. The help is rendered is out-patient.

In 10 evenings in Vjaznikovsky area on 292 kilometre of federal line 7 « Volga » « MAZ » the crossroads on red light has driven, has faced with « the five » has left on a counter strip and has brought down 15 - the summer girl - the pedestrian. It is hospitalised with several crises and lacerations of the person... On Friday in the street Bitter in Vladimir 10 - the summer boy has got under « Hyundai ».

In target road accidents with participation of pedestrians, fortunately, was not.

Today, on February, 1st, on all area operation « begins; the Pedestrian ». Inspectors of traffic police will be on duty around official and spontaneous transitions, and also to conduct lessons at schools.