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In Omsk have made the smallest in the world a mousetrap

If when - nibud the advanced Japanese gravitating to all small, will deduce breed of micromice, - machine Konenko can quite be useful to them. And for the present mouse it, as they say, that to an elephant a pellet. The sizes of a mousetrap of all - 63 mm! But it is made just like present - of a tree and metal, and works too on - to the present!

- I as - that thumbed through the Guinness Book of Records and have casually come across section about Austrian Frantse Rosenberg. In 2003 it has got to the book of records, having made a mousetrap in the size 95 mm. Has decided to try the forces and to break a record! Work has occupied not one day, but all was possible.

Now mikrominiatjurist thinks of officially to register the record. If all turns out - the surname of Konenko will be written down in the Guinness Book of Records twice: in 2002 it has got there for supermikroknigu « the Chameleon » under Chekhov`s stories. The size of a small volume was even less, than at a mousetrap, all - 0,90,9 mm.