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The Belarus factories again receive the Russian oil

Almost month, since new year Belarus and the Russian side settled terms of deliveries of the Russian oil to Belarus. We will remind, under the agreement on distribution of export duties from December, 9th, 2010 Belarus can buy since January, 1st of this year Russian oil and oil products without duties. In the company “ Trasneft “ informed that oil deliveries will begin, as soon as the Russian and Belarus companies will conclude contracts. Almost month while oil industry workers agreed, Russians did not swing raw materials towards Belarus.

And here in the evening on Tuesday, on January, 25th, oil deliveries have renewed.

- Open Society “ AK “ Transneft “ has begun oil prorolling in a direction of Belarus. So, in 17. 50 Moscow time there is begun prorolling in a direction of Polotsk, and at 18 o`clock - in a direction of Mozyrja, - Interfax - the West of a word of the official representative of the oil company reports. Under their information, in the late evening or oil is closer by the morning has arrived on the Belarus factories.

Conditions of deliveries while officially do not make comments neither in Minsk, nor in Moscow. As informed mass-media, the Belarus party is going to buy this year from Russia of 21,7 million tons of oil, including 18 million tons to receive through system of pipelines. Actually it is all volume which is necessary to the Belarus factories.

the Only thing that do not name while, is the price. It was known that Russians have suggested to put in the formula of the price of duty-free oil additional 45 dollars on ton. Under the information received by agency Interfax - the West from cقَمكَ a source, the parties have agreed that the award of the Russian suppliers of oil in February, 2011 can make about $40 for ton.

hearings There and then have gone that such conditions do arrangements any more too favourable to the Belarus party.

- Exact conditions and all do not sound details, but the general arrangements to us, certainly, are favourable, - Tatyana Manyonok, an economic observer considers. - we will duty-free receive all oil for home market, and duties now - about 300 dollars. Plus oil which extract in Belarus, we can zam

eshchat on the Russian. And the to sell for export. Normal, favourable conditions. It was initially sounded that we will receive about 2 billion dollars, and we did not count on the award to the Russian oil industry workers. So, probably, the profit will be less, but all the same benefit will be.