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Transfer into house training can refuse

- It is a question not of house education, and about training under individual curricula, - have specified in the Ministry of Education after the publication in « » for January, 28th. We have written that will translate to house training after Code coming into force about education on - former under the statement of parents.

- it is not enough One statement. The Final decision for the head of educational institution. In Code article 167 it is written down that « the individual curriculum establishes features of reception of the general secondary education the endowed and talented pupils, and also pupils who for good reasons cannot visit constantly or temporarily studies and/ or to pass in target dates certification ».

- And what such good reasons?

- They are defined by the head of educational institution. To register all good reasons it is impossible.

- But unless not parents bear responsibility for the child?

- In our country the general base education is obligatory. And the head of educational institution is obliged to provide its reception. On it all responsibility. If he can entrust parents, it will make the decision.

Thus the child who studies at home under the individual plan, should pass regularly certification and if for a year at least in one subject it receives 0 points, its house education will be closed.