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That you did not deceive kommunalshchiki, read laws!

dear edition!

I your constant reader. Also I want to convince on a private experience many: to struggle for the rights in housing and communal services, it is necessary to honour to begin with simply the Housing code, instead of to wait that someone for you will solve many problems!

Earlier after all us collected in administration and told that will change in this sphere, in tariffs and services, were interested in our opinion because all in a city belonged to municipality. But it has ended. Our opinion for a long time any more do not ask. To influence something we not in forces. Therefore any proprietor of square metres can write the complaint in « the White house » to register it and to look forward to hearing. If he with it does not agree, let will study the Housing code and goes with this paper to court. Other variants are not present. However, I heard that the Office of Public Prosecutor too supervises tariffs and contracts with service providers.

As to garbage: tariffs for export TBO are established by administration. The new law on payment from metre square, instead of from the person, nobody published. About it I have learnt from representatives of the power. They also have explained to me that inhabitants have the right to solve, as it to pay this service. Can about it and to spend voting, and it is better to send inquiry to administration, and with it already to be converted in musorouborochnuju the company.
by the way, the Housing code in many respects does not correspond to the Civil code. And last, by the way, a rank above the first. So too it is possible to refer to it, if you with something do not agree!

Also remember: our rights can be broken until we will not start to be engaged in self-education, we will not start to learn to send inquiries to the higher organisations. Yes, it too uneasy work, but it bears fruit! Good luck to you in this business!
yours faithfully, chairman ZHSK from Krasnodar.

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