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Harlamopanorama (How to concern to to the Best film 3 - DE )

the Citation: - To us kopets!

Not all ships float according to the name. Some are pulled to a bottom by an unreasonable ego. Others are born on reeves by a wind of changes. But the special suspicion is called basically by unsinkable vessels. Experience shows: that does not sink, it is better to steer clear. And to be stained more difficult, and the smell will not reach. Also it is excellent advice all that who yet has not looked « the Best film 3 - DE ». With what complacency founders franchajza dissect on film service waves here already the third time in succession – it is the diagnosis. And that their child all in any way utopnet under squall kinomanskoj and the professional criticism – it already a sentence. The appeal to refuse.

This time Garik Kharlamov (where without it?) Will represent to us pridurochnogo the assistant to video pirates Max. And in combination the director - the self-educated person. In free from reception of boxes on the ear time it will remove a miracle - korotkometrazhku about Lenin - volkolaka and will make the way with it on a film festival of the best films of Russia. Fortunately, unsuccessfully. In parallel the guy will receive the task from the local Mafiosi to bring these best films to underground office for copying and the subsequent piracy distribution. All films exist in the single copy. Crinkles in Max head live in the same quantity. The combination of these simple arithmetic sizes will inevitably lead to accident.

in general, our hero will casually destroy all hope of the Russian cinema and will predictedly go to races. That therefrom, from races to make a copy of all seven (!) The prime minister, say, for two days. A leah difficultly, skilfully!? As with connection to shootings of the friend Sledge the quantity of crinkles automatically increases twice. And the Moscow gates and teem with alcoholics, matershchinnikami and other talented actors. So, to films to be! But also too nobody cancelled problems. On a trace of the celluloid genius with might and main there will be shparit brave video pirates and desperate militia. And a grief - the director knows the maintenance of pictures only on trailers. All this orgy will lead to full and convincing victory of suspicious humour over a brain. And, as used to say gunny, a grief to the defeated.

* * *

the Third pancake – and again a clod. Whether Russian-speaking public has learnt to swallow professionally, whether businessmen from « ComedyClub » definitively otchekryzhili to itself conscience. After all it is impossible to trample down unboundedly another`s callosities, apologising and in passing planning the next purpose. Though, if it is pleasant to public … Both the first, and the second « the best » films were responsibly razrugany both spectators, and critics. And, nevertheless, they have collected quite good cash desk. If the same repeats and with the third series from the fourth lump us precisely not to escape.

Thus it is necessary to recognise fairly that founders have spent a correction of mistakes. Have replaced a bag of incoherent tricks with one almost distinct history. Have reduced actually parodies to a minimum. And at last - that have forked up on actors. If till now these by these galleys rowed only kaveenshchiki and umeltsy from « Comedy » now on oars Baluev, Semchev, Efremov and Smirnitsky incidentally began to appear. But their total work was again is hardworking is buried under one weighty gravestone. A name of this kamenjuke – Garik Kharlamov.

I do not know, at whom he learnt so false and inconveniently to look in a shot, but the master was obviously still that. How much Garik smartly looks on channel TNT, is so repugnant it sticks out from the big screen. He runs, falls, shouts and squeals a little. Cries, rows, hums and fonit. Removes, swears, sings and dances. Garik is engaged in this desperate embodiment of all verbs known to it without small two hours. To suffer it it is almost unreal.

the Situation is aggravated also with clinically unhumorous jokes. The clear impression is made that the scenario wrote the person fifteen, and at all the sense of humour has been amputated. On all timing to us offer about two - three ridiculous moments, and those Baluev pulls on itself. Does not rescue even a quite good music turn from « Dandies » because all the rest – it kopets and provocation. As, however, and promised « 3 - DE » which in a film of exactly 30 shots. By quantity received serebrennikov.

in general, if you in delight from Kharlamov, and expressively said word «. A pas » throws you into ecstasies this film has found the spectator. If from a comedy you wait for something more adequate, by a cinema with the poster « the Best film 3 - DE » will pass on the maximum speed. Wherefore even Petrosyan from it « Smehopanoramoj » will not call so much bewilderment.