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Oleg Mazurov: У Unlike Phillip in love I решительнeй У

1. From - for traumas of a knee life of dancer Phillip Shumilov cardinally changes - it was disaccustomed on the masseur and has gone to work in branch to Tyrse.

- Too there were cardinal changes in life for the reasons not dependent on me. In 1993 we have practically run away from Batumi to Kursk to the grandfather. In Georgia at that time there were no conditions for study, and for life too. Water and light in houses were only four hours a day, and that at night. But in Batumi I had a bent for to direction. In 14 years I began to work - helped the neighbour with its videoshop. It has ended faculty of the film expert in VGIKe and much to me told about cinema. Therefore already in Kursk I was disaccustomed at director`s faculty. When has moved to Moscow, has entered School - MKhAT studio.

2. Phillip - the quiet guy. But its nerves do not maintain, when     Doctor Graube (Sergey Gazarov), once again, publicly and absolutely not fairly, accuses him in not traditional sexual orientation.  

- I the quick-tempered person, for what abuse myself. I try to leave always from the conflict, to solve all in the peace way, but I break sometimes. My teacher Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov has correctly told: « Actor`s skill is an extreme sport ». I do not have any other brave hobbies, truth I love windsurfing and whenever possible I go for a drive but ekstrimalnym it I do not consider. And basically, free time I prefer to spend in the conditions of rest and a pacification.

3. The guy is enamoured of the pathologist to Evgenie Zajtsevu, but behaves irresolutely and excessively carefully.

- One more distinctive feature between me and Phillip. For example, I have got acquainted with the girlfriend in the street. Never so did not arrive, and here has risked and has not lost. Has simply approached to it and has told: « Let`s get acquainted! » it is not necessary to be afraid to be resolute and to start conversation with the person who was pleasant to you. Well you not with sulfuric acid approach to a butt!

4. Phillip lives with the grandmother, other relatives at it are not present.

- my mum, the brother, the girlfriend. By the way, thanks to mum it was easy to me to get used at image of Phillip. It at me the physician, in the childhood I on medicine read a lot of literature. Fine I know that for infernal work at doctors. Therefore only yours faithfully and gratitude I concern people in white dressing gowns.

5. Phillip from the dancer of ballet became the masseur.

- to Dance not so I love, but it   it is a part of my work. At School - studios taught us elements of classical ballet. In MHT in performance I dance a tango. For Cyril Serebrennikov`s statement to us gave lessons of modern dance. With massage business was is a bit worse. I love, when to me it do, and for a role in a serial « Doctor Tyrsa » went to acquaintances studies in elements. Work, I will tell to you, very heavy. Hands with neprivychki quickly are tired.

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