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How to be treated for a flu to the future mum

I on the fourth month of pregnancy. Was ill. Temperature 38, a cold strong. Tell, than to be treated to me it is possible? Than to force down temperature? What it is possible to splash in a nose to breathe? And the MOST IMPORTANT THING: how this illness can affect the child?


First of all follows you   immediately to be converted to the attending physician to the accoucheur - to the gynecologist and the local therapist for an estimation of severity level of your status and to choose treatment tactics.

it is possible, in your situation use powerful protivovirusnyh and antibacterial preparations is required, and in case of status deterioration hospitalisation in a specialised hospital is necessary!

In the event that your attending physician will consider house treatment possible it should be directed on removal of the basic symptoms of cold.

1. Actively use folk remedies. It is necessary to rinse regularly a throat a solution hlorgeksidina, soda, camomile infusions.

2. Follows in krachajshie terms to restore free nasal dyha nie. During pregnancy use of vasoconstrictive preparations is undesirable, and to stop the choice on a solution of sea salt in kipjachennoj to water is better, alternative to the given method the salt solutions which are on sale in drugstores can minister.

3. For removals of symptoms of an intoxication at a virus is better plentiful hot drink with the vitamin C maintenance - a warm cranberry berry juice, for example approaches.

4. the Temperature should be forced down only in the event that it rises above 38 degrees. In such situation paracetamol use is admissible. In case of correctly picked up, and the main thing of in due time begun treatment cold should not be reflected in a current of your pregnancy in any way and on the child!

Send questions to the accoucheur - to gynecologist Boris Konoplyov on mama