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Begin morning with

since Monday on air of radio « – Ural Mountains » there will be a show « Morning with « with known leaders Inna Boevoj and Paul Filippovym. Investigators are waited by substantial conversation on the most actual problems, the announcement of a hot of the newspaper, the information on stoppers, the fresh poster of events and another necessary ekaterinburzhtsam the information.

On air the invited experts will talk to leaders: known townspeople, active workers - legal experts, politicians and stars – what opinion is interesting for hearing. For example, on Tuesday, on February, 1st, on a visit « Mornings on « there will be an assistant to the head physician Sverdlovsk « the Center of hygiene and epidemiologii » Victor Romanenko. A conversation subject - a flu epidemic and ORVI, overflowed Ural Mountains and ways of struggle against an illness.

every week-day from Monday till Friday – the new visitors, new subjects. What do you think of the first president of the country Boris Yeltsin? A leah stirs you visit to Dmitry Medvedev`s city? What to do with homeless animals? A problem with parkings and growth of tariffs for housing and communal services. Now everyone ekaterinburzhets can discuss such subjects not on kitchen in the evening, not in cafe with friends, and in the morning while gathers for work. It is necessary to be adjusted only on a wave 92,3 FM, to call and share the opinion. The most active investigators are waited by prizes from « »!

- we have a sign, - Inna Boeva has told. – As an aether early, it is necessary to rise with the first cocks. And here we with Paul also have agreed to call each other in 5. 45. And – simultaneously. And if I dial number of Paul, but the subscriber is occupied, means, he calls to me! Also it is a good sign, means, the aether will be very good.

- Yes - yes. And if someone manages to outstrip the workmate and the synchronous call does not leave, the morning aether will be simply good, - Phillip`s Paul laughs.

to Call in morning show on radio « - Ekaterinburg » it is necessary by phone   (343 253 - 33 - 03. « Morning with « - on weekdays with 7 till 9 mornings on frequency 92,3 FM.