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Moscow and Kiev have decided to struggle together with narcobusiness

Federal Agency of the Russian Federation of control over drug trafficking (FSKN) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine have signed the cooperation agreement in struggle against the narcotraffic.

the Authorities of two countries try to make it for a long time, but, despite it, consumption of drugs and psychotropic drugs among youth that in Russia that in Ukraine, only grows.

By data statisticans of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, among arrested persons for a drug trafficking an overwhelming part - young men at the age from 18 till 29 years. Experts of the United Nations have counted up that over the last 10 years the quantity of addicts in Russia has grown in 10 times. Of drugs in Russia annually, according to the most conservative estimates, die to 30 thousand persons. In Ukraine the consumption and spread of drug addiction problem costs not less sharply. From 1,5 to 2 percent of the population of Ukraine are dependent on drugs.

Thus predpriimchevye narkodillery constantly synthesise new kinds of drugs and psychotropic substances. Under the new agreement Russia and Ukraine begin to communicate now about « novelties » this illegal market.

Besides, law enforcement bodies of two countries will unite operative base of the crimes connected with a drug trafficking. By means of this base it should be accelerated and search of criminals.

the Agreement allows to begin operative search of infringers in the first inquiry of one of the parties. Russian narkodilleram any more it will not be possible to take cover in Ukraine, and in an Ukrainian - easy to trade at us. And that till now they could wait heavy times for themselves, leaving in original « holidays » in the next state.

the Authorities of both countries hope that joint efforts can improve a pitiable situation as while significant successes in struggle against the narcotraffic are not present either in Russia, or in Ukraine.