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Into Komi will enter the regional parent capital

President Dmitry Medvedev, acting with the message to federal meeting, has suggested regions to think of introduction of the regional parent capital for a birth of the second child, It has cited as an example the Ulyanovsk region where there is a practice of allocation to families of 100 thousand roubles at a birth of the third child.

it is possible, additional money will start to pay in the near future for a birth of the kid and to families of Komi. Vyacheslav Gajzer, sounding plans for 2011, has declared that, the decision on introduction of the regional parent capital in the near future will be accepted.

Now the Agency of Komi on social development prepares offers on introduction in republic of an additional measure of social support for the families having children, in the form of the regional parent capital.

These offers will be passed to the coordination to the Government of Komi, then the head of Komi will submit them as the bill for consideration deputies of the State Council of Komi. The bill will establish categories of addressees, the size and conditions of granting of the regional parent capital. It is supposed that action of the given bill will extend on pravootnoshenija, arisen since January, 1st, 2011.

we Will remind, the parent capital at federal level has been entered since 2007 and it is given at a birth (adoption) of the second, third or following child. Since January, 1st, 2011 its sum will make 365,7 thousand roubles. According to the law, it is possible to direct money on improvement of living conditions of a family, education of children or a memory part of pension of mum.


For 2010 owners « mum`s money » there were 820 families from Komi. From them 89 families have got habitation, 17 - have paid education of children and one proprietress of the certificate has directed money for a memory part of the future pension, and 713 families have extinguished housing credits. In total for first six months of current year certificates on the parent capital have received 2 330 families of Republic Komi.