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What for antibiotics to the child sick ORVI

Tell, and a flu or ORVI unless treat antibiotics? To the son 3 years, temperature 39 three days. Snivels a stream. Cough. But the doctor has listened and has told that cough from snivels, and in lungs all is pure. Nevertheless insist on antibiotics. And I against. A virus after all do not treat antibiotics? Or treat?


In most cases such disease as ORVI, it is called by a virus infection. And in an organism weakened by a virus, infections become more active bacterial
and call complications after illness.

you are right, antibiotics do not possess protivovirusnym action. However, I can assume that the doctor, proceeding from the medical experience, having examined your kid, has estimated its status and weight of a current of disease and has drawn a conclusion that, probably, virus respiratory disease has joined also a bacterial infection.

I am assured that you not against application of antibiotics as those, you confuses that so have early appointed them. I before to appoint antibacterial therapy, have asked you to make (child) the clinical test of blood and the general analysis of urine.

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