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Inhabitants of Krasnodar territory can remain without the fresh press

the Krasnodar street Poplar on which it is possible to get only   from the Rostov highway, it is well-known for two things. In - the first, on it are not present any tree in which honour, actually, and the highway is named. In - the second, there you can easily drown the car, and and legkovushku, and a truck. That usually name holes, here it is easily possible to magnify as a road Mariansky hollow. Some terrestrial concavities reach 3 - 4 metres at width and almost metre in depth!

Speak if properly to look, it is possible to find the lost licence plates in these dirty bowels, torn off a bumper and it is a lot of that else interesting.

Businessmen have blocked departures

to estimate the situation, we go on excursion on editorial legkovushke. But the car, hardly having driven on Poplar, on headlights rolls in a brown swill. We throw a car and on an ankle in a dirt it is stamped on local open spaces.

In spite of the fact that in the street settle down more than thirty various firms and the printing house largest in edge printing about 100 newspapers for cities and areas of Kuban, the authorities do not hurry to the aid of the sinking.

Business as old residents speak, becomes complicated careless neighbours. Owners of firms autocratically block small streets individually to use possibility to get from work on « continent ».

- Earlier we could leave with Poplar on Moscow, and now the street comes to an end with deadlock. For example, one building company has blocked street Angarsk concrete blocks. Other owners of land arrive even easier, dig over road or put a barrier. We have appeared in blockade! -   employees of the company « sadly admit; the Printing court yard of Kuban ». - How much time we tried to reach administration, asked to repair road, but us as though do not notice.

On a table of the assistant to the general director of printing house of Olga Lazarenko the bale of papers - correspondence with officials reposes. Here this pile with   2009 when on inquiry of printers about repair from the mayoralty almost each two months the official answer with the promise carefully came to consider the problem and help. However, with a reservation - we will make supposedly but proceeding from a financial situation in the city budget.

Work will manage in 15 million

- Our mayor Vladimir Evlanov was here four years ago and optimistically told about what here will appear road, illumination and even minibuses! - Victor Anufriev, the director of one of local firms remembers. - head spoke then supposedly it is necessary to find only the contractor, we will meet in 10 days and we will discuss the estimate. Also what? Probably, on it have reported that here very well, but after all it not so!

In the street Poplar where there is the largest printing house in edge, cars leave under water.
a photo: Sergey DMITRENKO

And it in spite of the fact that from a porch « the Printing court yard of Kuban » on some times in day tens the cars filled by fresh newspapers, including progovernmental leave. Drivers « Gazelles » fairly carrying out the regional order, shaking on a curve path here and there, try to deceive road once again. There were even overturning cases     minibuses on one side.

- And it is impossible to be thrown off and make this road on blood, time so cruelly ignores you? - We fondly ask.

- Yes we any more on one thousand roubles of rubble here poured out, but all uselessly, - inhabitants of street - the rivers dejectedly speak. - a problem that soil here marshy, without livnevki or at least drainage systems a problem not to solve. The drainage system will cost one million three. And normal livnevku which should be deduced on « civilised » streets - Moscow or the Rostov highway, to us have estimated in 15 - 16 million. We of it cannot allow ourselves.

On a twist of fate in the same ill-fated street there is a company dorozhnikov « Kubandorblagoustrojstvo ». Last year company cars have literally destroyed by bombing road. Trucks carried rubble for building of the elevated bridge along the street the Rostov Highway. During any moment, without having calculated the power, trucks zavjazli in whimsical soil.

To the aid it there came bulldozers. But it is fast, seemingly, and they here cannot drive. And then cars with the fresh press remain in a bog, and readers of newspapers and magazines remain without favourite mass-media.


« graders » Into place have already left;

- the Technics will level road, - the assistant to the head of Krasnodar Evgenie Suslov confidently speaks. - as soon as weather will allow, predesign study of reconstruction of street will be spent to execute repair of road by means of gravel.