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Power saving up lamps threaten with a cancer

the Power saving up luminescent lamps radiating blue light, increase risk of development of a cancer of a chest at the women sleeping with included light, than " more strongly; usual lamps with a yellowish luminescence, are declared by professor Abram Haim (Abraham Haim) from university of Haifa. Haim and its colleagues within several years were engaged in communication studying between a dream and wakefulness mode, and also other living conditions, and risk of development of a cancer of a chest.

Former researches have established that there is a communication between night light pollution in city conditions, and also a habit to sleep with included light and risk of development of a cancer of a chest. To these risks, according to scientists, basically, people with broken daily (tsirkadnym) a rhythm, in particular, those who works in a night shift are subject. The World Health Organization (CART) has included the people working in a night shift, in group with the raised risk of a cancer of a chest.

In article published in magazine Chronobiology International, scientists notice that among the mechanisms explaining this phenomenon - influence of illumination on allocation of a hormone of melatonin. This hormone is developed shishkovidnoj by gland in a brain (epifizom). It regulates seasonal and daily rhythms, participates in regulation of a blood pressure, digestion, of some other processes.

usually maximum concentration of this hormone is reached about four o`clock in the morning, however if the person is in the shined place, melatonin development decreases that increases risk of development of a cancer - melatonin possesses antineoplastic action.

Scientists have analysed the data of 1679 women living in Israel, 794 from which suffered affliction a chest cancer, and 885 made control group. Results of research have shown that the risk of a cancer of a chest increases by 22 % at the women sleeping with included light, in comparison with those who sleeps in a thick darkness.

Thus, according to scientists, distribution to last ten years of the luminescent power saving up lamps radiating blue light with length of a wave nearby 460 nanometrov, can strengthen this effect considerably. Former researches have shown that light of this length of a wave within two hours reduces melatonin development, strengthens uneasiness and speeds up pulse while yellowish light with length of a wave 550 nanometrov does not lead to such effects.

Scientists explain this effect to that blue light is closer to a natural daylight, than light of lamps nakalivanija.

At the same time, Haim in interview to newspaper Telegraph has underlined that its research does not mean that replacement of lamps nakalivanija on harmless bulbs conducts to growth of number of cases of a cancer of a chest. It while remains the unchecked theory.

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