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Group Beavers in Krasnoyarsk: We have left from everywhere to give you us!

today the group « became visitors on air of our radio; Beavers » as a part of two persons - Sergey Novikova and Vladimir Kolpakova. They have arrived to us with a concert. Children joked much, told amusing stories.

we Offer you endurances from interview.

- We in Krasnoyarsk already the third time: came on opening « a bobrovogo broad gull » also participated in club Che Guevara in a concert.

Group « Beavers » in Krasnoyarsk

- Shootings, besides, it that such? The word can be treated on - to a miscellaneous. Shootings for each normal musician respecting is a loan of a foreign matter in own bed.

- Why we in songs do not have floor-mat? It should be discussed in private conditions. In the following our album we will devote at least one song of radio « » also we name it « Censorship » and there there will be on letters of the alphabet all absolutely any interesting features, and can, and are not present. The floor-mat simply is not interesting, because separate persons are engaged in it and on it money earns. At us a little bit other profile. We simply intelligent people.

- We were born in the same year. We even married and have divorced for the first time equally.

- To us often ask a question: why if you sing about women it is the woman. The woman is a highly artistic poetical word, pagan, I do not know, it is visible roots any.

- Songs about the politician, besides, are uninteresting. Unique time when we have mentioned a policy, it by request of one deputy whom any more the deputy, have written a song. Simply Serezha has crushed a violin, and it was necessary as - that the money enclosed by the deputy, to beat off. We took absolutely concrete person and have described all his life. The song which has become by one of most running at concerts of things has turned out.

- We avoid always any rigid words. And on a broader scale, Russian – great and mighty. If you understand that at telling it is necessary to find capacious, in one word, definition to any event, a status they by itself all the same come up these words.

- Why we « Beavers »? Why, it is absolute why. And more a good question: in what style you play? I for 10 years have formulated it so: we play heresy.

- I would enter censorship just on all news, because there directly vpechatyvajut into a brain of people – all of us will die.

- We have left from everywhere to give you us.