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Happy birthday, the car!

on January, 29th, 1886 - it is dated   this afternoon; the patent 37435 which have been given out to Charles Benz. The engineer has connected a three-wheeled vehicle to the one-cylinder litre motor capacity of 0,7 l. With.   and this vehicle, able to be dispersed only to 13 km/ hour,   for 125 years evolved in those models which descend now from conveyors of car factories. Fast, powerful, safe.

the Remark of first car Benz Motorwagen.

the History of creation of the first car is in detail described in weight of sources, we will not waste time on its reproduction.   better pomojte your car,   fill in good fuel in a tank and will sweep. After all the car is, as it is known, not luxury, and means of transportation.