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Izhstali holy water

« has not helped even; Izhstal » as though someone has maleficiated - the command has conceded the eighth time for a month. Hoping to interrupt a black series, before a house duel against Angarsk « Ermaka » « metallurgists » have decided to use last known means from defeats – all command descended in church. Besides, before game the father has consecrated a locker room « Izhstali ».

« Hedgehogs » left on ice extremely motivirovannymi and had in first third of match considerable territorial overweight. But the washer was thus thrown by visitors. However, « metallurgists »   have found forces to even up scores in the beginning of the second twenty minutes – unruly Poljudov has caused a stir. Soon owners had perfect possibility to come forward, it is more than minute playing five together against three rivals, but to take for itself advantage and have not managed. In the end of the second 20 - in minutes of Carriers has been obliged to hammer, but has not got to an empty corner. By that moment « metallurgists » conceded 1:2. And in the beginning of the third period « izhstalevtsy » as a matter of fact, « have brought » to itself two goals.

For a delay of the rival a stick Denis Kazionov in the beginning of the third period has gone to have a rest on a bench shtrafnikov.
the Photo: Andrey GUZY.

At first unessential removal on 5 - j (!) To second Denis Kazionov,   has earned; and visitors have used chance, having played the superfluous. And then « Izhstal » has passed a goal, playing the majority: goalkeeper Belov, after that given way in collars to the doubler Alexander Trjanichevu was mistaken. The fellow countryman of ingenious poet Bashlachyov and popular TV man Parfyonov (all of them it come from Cherepovets) remained « dry » however for fans « Izhstali » this cold comfort. Improbably, but the fact: in last eleven matches the command has typed only two points!

the period of failures was obviously tightened, and it is necessary to do something. It is not excluded that changes on the trainer`s bridge will follow. The trainer always the extreme. But a leah will be it the decision of problems? Rather doubtfully.  

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Izhstali holy water


« Izhstal » - « Ermak » (Angarsk) – 1:4 (0:1, 1:1, 0:2).

on January, 31st. UKiS « LD « Izhstal ». 900 spectators.

the Main judge: J.Oskirko (Yaroslavl).

Linear judges: E.Litvinov, G.Lazarev (both – Perm).


0:1 – A.Romanovsky (S.Topol, S.Chubykin, 11:14).

1:1 – D.Poljudov (S.Tunhuzin, I.Nefedov, 20:38).

1:2 – M.Sevostyanov (S.Seleznev, N.Zolotuhin, 35:33).

1:3 – S.Topol (A.Romanovsky, S.Chubykin, 41:21, bol).

1:4 – M.Yushkov (42:27, men).


« Izhstal » (8): Belov (Trjanichev, 42:27); Zagitov - to - Tunhuzin, Kazionov (2) – Nefedov - Poljudov; Koshcheev (2) – Kugut (2), Chills - Pisarev - Kochetkov; Gavrilychev – Davidov (2), Sidorenko - Garifullin - Smiths; Carriers – Dulnev, Panev – JAkovlev - Sychov.

« Ermak » (12): Podomatsky; Maxim Rybalko – Priests - to, Yushkov - Rehtin - Semenov; Fahrutdinov - Smirnov, the Poplar - Chubykin – Romanovsky (6); Michael Rybalko (2) – Gusev (2), Sevostyanov – Zolotuhin (2) - Seleznev, Zhuravlyov - the Fads - Gimbatov, Shmagin.

Throws: 37 - 18.