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Alexander Pankratov - Black: Till now I carry high fur boots which has bought in Irkutsk in 70 - h

To Irkutsk with performance « Hostages of love » Alexander Pankratov - Black came all for one day. But we managed to meet the actor in a make-up room literally for 20 minutes prior to the beginning of statement.

To tell the truth, before a meeting were a little stirred: in the previous interviews Alexander Vasilevich said time and again that does not love journalists. And even have a little become puzzled, when have got hearty welcome.

- Pass, ask questions, - Pankratov - Black has quickened. Also has there and then complained that in Irkutsk has had time to catch a cold.

- Certainly, I knew that here - 20, - he has sighed. – Has put on more warmly, but did not think that I will catch a cold, as I will leave the plane. Here now I am treated!

Still Pankratov - Black has told that in trips across Siberia always takes the favourite high fur boots. The actor admitted that has bought them in Irkutsk still in 70 - h years and since then in frosts them does not leave.

- they Are pleasant to me and all here, - with a smile Alexander Vasilevich adds. – here such reminder on your lovely Irkutsk. The city yours is pleasant to me: cosy, merchant, architecture very beautiful. On a broader scale edge very rich, majestic! In Irkutsk

there lives one of the best my friends, Gaydar, the excellent doctor who has many years ago made to me full medical examination. On this trip I have learnt that it became the Minister of Health of your area, sincerely was glad for it.

Alexander Pankratov - Black has told that now acts in film in a serial « Island of unnecessary people » director Edward Parri, our fellow countryman who long time lived in Buryatiya and in Irkutsk.

- the Part removed in Thailand, another – in Kiev, - Alexander Vasilevich tells. – I play it the former chief of a staff of a battalion, a role – uneasy, but it is pleasant to me.