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Flu epidemic in Ural Mountains: on quarantine of 11 schools, 8 gardens and hospitals

- Victor Vasilevich, it is possible to ask a question at once. Many people confuse a flu and ORVI. How it is possible to distinguish them?

- it is almost impossible to Distinguish. It is to the doctor - that difficult to make, I do not speak about people without medical education. To define, a flu it or ORVI, it is possible in laboratory. Though doctors who meet often these diseases which treat for them, of course, can tell, of what exactly the patient is sick.

the Respiratory infection not such heavy, patients always recover. At a flu symptoms similar: the general - an intoxication, a headache, temperature; local - respiratory symptoms. If all it is, most likely, the person has caught a flu virus. The flu distinguishes that illness passes hard. Respiratory infections treat - do not treat, will pass completely for three - four days. A flu not less weeks are ill. If it not to treat, there can be complications.

Now in area a flu epidemic. Those who was ill these days who has a temperature, most likely, are sick of a flu. There are, of course, respiratory viruses.

- the Whole world speaks about a pork flu, about a bird flu. It actually so terribly or is a little exaggerated?

- I think that usual people do not need to reflect, over what flu. Simply flu which people, and all are ill. All groups of a virus have occurred from birds. Another matter that the antigene circulated and has reached people. As it has turned out - already a question scientist. Now we are ill a human flu.

- Why then all speak about a pork flu?

- Because in its structure there are antigenes which have been allocated for the first time at a pig. They are in many human viruses, but last shtamm is most related genetically with them.

- How much now in the field of the ill people?

- For last week in area was ill 42 thousand persons. It more than last week practically in one and a half time, and in comparison with average long-term indicators - in 1,8 times. For us it is not so usual level of disease, and epidemic. The flu epidemic has begun last week. The number of patients has started to increase with the beginning of January.

- a leah the damage from a flu epidemic Is counted up?

- If in area epidemic, expenses more than billion roubles. Money leaves on treatment and diagnostics. It is difficult to tell, what damage is put to all economy. If to count everything, the figure will appear huge.

- Considering, what in area already epidemic how the person can make secure?

- If the person yet has not put an inoculation, it is necessary to think of it. There is an opinion that during epidemic it is impossible to take root. It is a myth. The inoculation needs to be made, better earlier, but also now not late. Antibodies are developed in five days.

There are other measures, they by efficiency, of course, will not be compared to an inoculation. These are protection frames: masks, oksolinovaja ointment.

- And if a cold and temperature, what then to buy in a drugstore?

- Anything. If you have these symptoms, it is necessary to be at home and call the doctor.

- But there are many people who are treated in the different ways.

- Any self-treatment. The flu is a business serious. In the summer, can be ORVI in the autumn. During epidemic you do not distinguish, than are sick. From flu H1N1 the person can be lost on the third - the fourth day. It is impossible to joke.

- At us a call.

- My name is Natalia Ivanovna. At me here such question. Why up to Friday the input in polyclinic was the general for sick of a flu and other patients? All in one turn stood …

- Unfortunately, not all polyclinics react to disease level, is more often they react to orders, on instructions from above. Orders and orders have appeared on Wednesday - Thursday last week. All polyclinics and hospitals should be closed on quarantine. Orders are late from life for some days so it has turned out.

- Rescue rolling a handwork rolling. If you know that in a city a flu, be reserved by a mask. The mask after all can protect?

- Certainly, approximately percent on 90. Now it is better not to visit mass places. I will notice that quarantines are declared only in medical institutions.

- And before quarantine it is impossible to declare?

- It is possible, but then we will paralyse work of all polyclinics. It is possible to declare in September, but all restrictions are entered, when epidemic thresholds or average long-term indicators are exceeded. Even if to enter quarantine for two - three weeks before disease lifting, not all will understand us, will tell « overcautious persons ».

- Then it is necessary to prepare in the summer.

- In each hospital there is a plan for epidemic case.

- There are recommendations from our investigators: to make separate inputs on epidemic cases.

is it is provided, but not in each polyclinic there is a technical possibility. Especially strictly division is observed in children`s polyclinics. There are days of reception sick and healthy. During epidemic of sick kiddies examine only in-home. The healthy come to polyclinic only.

In adults to make it it is more difficult. The adult own master.

- What risk if the person decides to transfer a flu standing? Well not pork, of course, the usual.

- There is an opinion that a flu if not to treat, will pass for 10 days. And if to treat - for 7. It as the map will lay down: to someone will carry, and the flu will pass, and someone can come to be in resuscitation. It is better not to risk. If we say that epidemic has begun, means, it has begun. We have a flu of two kinds - pork and their V.Otlichit`s groups can in laboratory. A flu In are ill easier, the pork can have complications, a pneumonia, more often.

the Call to studio:

- My name is Elena. Wanted to specify about preventive maintenance measures. Tell about oksolinovuju ointment.

- every day, it is better in the morning and during the lunchtime, bung up ointment in a nose. A minimum two times.

- And vitamins help?

- They at all illnesses help.

- than Whom it is more among patients: adults or children?

- Sick children more than adults. doshkoljata, then schoolboys, and only then adults more often are ill.

All epidemics begin with schoolboys.

One more call:

- Heard that if the person has sneezed or will cough, the virus lives nine seconds. How much it is truth?

- the Virus really not proof. It is live while, the aerosol is groundless. Then it falls on a surface. Therefrom it can be taken away. About one days he lives.

- What actions this year will be? In the past - prodljali vacation, institutes closed …

- this year disease level yet critical though we speak about epidemic, but we do not enter scale restrictive actions. Now in area it is closed on quarantine of 11 schools and 8 gardens. In them is ill more than the fifth part of children. In Ekaterinburg on quarantine while it is closed nothing.

If the number of patients will sharply not increase, we for all will not enter quarantine.

- If quarantine is not present, children without inoculations will start up on employment?

- This measure is registered in the law. During epidemic of kiddies and truth do not start up on employment. Now the interdiction operates in some regional cities, but only at schools and gardens where it is a lot of patients.

- a leah Should ask in gardens the permission parents on an inoculation?

- it is obligatory.

the Call to studios:

- My name is Nina Vasilevna. I here is how time have had been ill. To hospital did not go, it was treated at home.

- it was necessary to you to call the doctor. Last year from a flu 70 persons, it only at whom the diagnosis have confirmed in laboratory were lost. Resuscitations have been overflowed. We say that there is epidemic, means, the person, can be ill.

- If temperature small, the doctor to call it is useless, and to sit in turn - there is no sense, will even more be ill.

- it is not useless the doctor to call. Call. If he sees that the temperature small, it will not take away you in a hospital. Will register to you treatment.

- Here to you public opinion. Slushatelnitsa against inoculations. We have a case when at school in Railway area to children have put inoculations without the consent of parents, even in contra-indications have not taken an interest.

- that you have told, is street conversations. This all myths and gossips. It is clear that the parent necessarily should agree. Last three years - it is exact.

the Call to studios:

- My name is Dmitry. Questions at me are not present, wanted to leave the comment. I not the big supporter of inoculations. But I have an interesting way how quickly to recover. I to the last do not drink a tablet. And a way here the such. Parents since the childhood have accustomed. I everyone two - take three hours an ice shower. Quickly removes temperature.

- you douches stir up immune system of an organism. Such way will help people who constantly become tempered. And if the person never in life cold water had a shower bath, I do not know that with it will be.

- Victor Vasilevich, your wishes to readers.

- I Wish, that all inhabitants of area were kept even a week, did not communicate with patients. And there it will be easier. I wish all not to be ill!