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Parents in the USA have paid off on the first - the second

we Will remind that the US State department has made the decision that since February, 1st parents in white papers will be called under numbers.

In America, on different sources to a half-million of unisex pairs nurture the both adoptive children and their interests it is the decision it urged to protect.

This domestic concern of Americans about it I also will not scoff, we popinat strangers have enough such masters...

at us in the country to one million children at live parents, with mums and the fathers deprived of the rights, refused them after a birth, they live in a moustache without blowing, and they blow a hard liquor both an other nonsense and any numbers, except the similar do not execute.

Children`s homes, children`s homes and spetsinternaty - sad houses, there live these children, and to see it without   tears and despair   it is impossible.

Yes, these children are helped sometimes by volunteers and kind people, in state   feasts, on Christmas and for Easter, happiness to find families at the unfortunate it is insignificant, to issue adoption or guardianship it is difficult, bodies of guardianship instead of the help, put different barriers, and more often as a matter of fact trade in children, including their property and the goods.

Constantly there are scandals with the adopted foreigners of our children, they there sometimes are beaten by abnormal parents to whom have passed to adoption our nice bodies of guardianship, deputies gloomy demand to stop the international adoption, but to children it is better in another`s family, than in native children`s home.

Well it is fine, at them it is bad, and as already at us, in the country of the happy childhood.

To me has written   from a small city single mother - she informs that guardianship bodies take away two children from it for inadequate conditions of education: They do not have separate berth, they do lessons on stools, and in the refrigerator it does not have enough of yoghurts and tangerines, in a case there is not enough clothes for the winter and autumn.

And where it to take if it works in a cellar of cement works and pours « nezamerzajku » from poisoned metanolom spirit   for three hundred roubles a day at not clear owner who took it with pity and without documents, the alimony is not present, the grant to two children - three kgs a tangerine.

In its house there is no gas, there is no hot water, from conveniences only a window and a bulb of Ilyich, but it does that can and denounce her the ruthless and hypocritical person whom, having pursed lips can only, will tell that such it is necessary to forbid to give birth, if they cannot provide to the children worthy life.

Such plots Andrey Malakhov very likes to show, without understanding probably that it « creativity » - A blow to the image of Russia which will not rescue the Davosky forum ten others.

Here such worthy people on life and   also go; at all of them to the plan: from the open-cast mine beginning, then apartment, then the wife with all genetic analyses and then planned conception.

And if God forbid at the future child defect we it do not take, such is not necessary to us, we will make other, worthy us, and unsuccessful experience let takes the state on the shoulders.

We pay taxes, here let and it nurtures, so   those who denounces   argue; given birth mums   without calculation, with love and hope.

It is possible to take away from it children, and it will be hung up, and then children remain orphans for ever, and will get to children`s home.

And can is better remain it with poor mum, in the poor house, without computers and a tangerine in a New Year`s gift, without pool and a trip on the Kremlin fur-tree.

it is simple with the mum who for them and 1 and 2, and is simple all in this world.

They will grow, as many and will construct the new house of us, and will live with gratitude to it, that it has not handed over them, has not sold on bodies, has not conceded to social bodies which precisely wished well to it, but she it has not believed.

It it will be better with such mum, not always in time to change the curtain which sometimes have drunk, but loving very much.