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In Kabardino - Balkarii insurgents divide territory

When the chief of Urvansky ROVD KBR Anatoly Sundukov together with the driver has tried to clean the big self-made board with an inscription « Imarat caucasus. JUgo - east sector » explosion has thundered. To gangsters it was not possible to achieve the purpose. The officer and its driver have got wounds. As has shown a consequence, the bomb was put in action distantsionno. Probably, at the insurgent have handed over nerves and it has pressed on kopku, without having waited while victim will approach closely to a board.

According to doctors, to life of militiamen threatens nothing. They have got plural fragmental wounds of hands, feet and the person. Victims were performed by operations. Approximate capacity of a self-made bomb was equal to that that has blown up at the airport « Domodedovo » - about 7 kg in a trotyl equivalent.

Now insurgents in KBR actively use it a method of struggle against agents of national security and the peace population.

- In Kabardino - Balkarii is conducted search of the criminals putting explosives near boards of administrative names of territories of republic, - informs a uniform information centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on KBR.

So, the improvised explosive device capacity from 6 to 7 kgs in a trotyl equivalent was neutralised by employees OVD on Circassian area. It has been disguised and was underground on depth about one metre under plywood in the size 190 on 70 see with an inscription « Incorporated Villajat Kabardy, Balkarii, Karachaja. The central sector ». (Insurgents have a map of administrative division of the North Caucasus). Local residents have informed on a suspicious board of militia.

Into place has immediately left operatively - an investigation team, divisions OMON, vzryvotehniki UFSB the Russian Federation on KBR. SVU it is destroyed with robot MRK use « the Monitor lizard ».

Searches of criminals involved in it and other similar crimes in territory of Kabardino - Balkarii are conducted with application of aircraft, special divisions, all dresses dorozhno - patrol service are focused.