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Leah it is necessary to be afraid of a new wave of a flu?

in mass-media a panic. News resources are literally overflowed by the information that the pork flu has returned to Russia and extends on the country with epidemic speed. In many cities including in Moscow, quarantine is already declared. And though in messages also it is underlined that virus A notorious to us (H1N1) is revealed only at a part ill with a flu, the general stirring and fear continue to grow.

and it in spite of the fact that almost all official statements try to prevent a panic and to calm the population. Last year the pork flu has really found all unawares. Nobody was ready to it, and the arisen agiotage only has aggravated a situation, having created in drugstores deficiency of the most necessary for its treatment and preventive maintenance of means. In this season all is absolutely differently. First of all, vaccination in which course an inoculation from a flu have made more than 34 million persons has been spent. Besides, H1N1 it is already familiar to our immune system so, it will be difficult to it to repeat and, especially, to surpass last year`s result. It is necessary to notice also that according to official figures, the resulted Main health officer of Russia Gennady Onishchenko, among all surveyed on the middle of January the virus of a flu And (H1N1) has been revealed at 4,6 %, a flu virus In – at 6,3 % of the diseased. Other percent is necessary on others ORVI.

In a word, a today`s flu – this usual seasonal disease (so the head of department of public health services of capital Leonid Pechatnikov considers also). Traditionally in osenne - the winter period is observed growth of level of diseases ORVI. And to New Year`s vacation some weeks of quarantine are added. Now goes it is time aggravations of chronic diseases which are aggravated with virus infections. Certainly, consequences of the last summer affect also, accompanied is abnormal high temperatures, fires and a smog. The ashes which have collected in lungs for hot months, were not slow to have an effect in a cold season.

so to panic at all does not cost. The main thing - to observe rules of precaution and not to forget that in group of risk of virus attack there are, first of all, children, pregnant women, older persons are more senior 55 years, and also people with chronic diseases (an asthma, a diabetes, warm insufficiency, etc.) .

However if adult people can take care of the health, and absence of preventive measures, no less than not observance of known safety rules lies, only, on their conscience, care and responsibility for the child – has put, first of all, his parents. For this reason now it is necessary to take all possible measures of preventive maintenance of a flu and ORVI at children. Especially, if the child visits a kindergarten, school or any other educational institution. After all most of all chances to catch prostudnymi and other infectious diseases there where there are many children densely contacting with each other. If the child because of quarantine have sent home, it is important to explain to it that it at all does not assume joint campaigns with friends at cinema, a pizzeria or even in a museum.

it is necessary to inform children on rules of personal hygiene also: Regularly to wash hands with soap, not to forget to put on a protective mask in public places, to try not to contact to already ill people and etc. it is very important to take care and of strengthening of immunity of the child – for these purposes there are such preparations, as Anaferon children`s (the leader of the user voting on a popular news resource). It is necessary to give particular attention to vitamins and the minerals necessary for a children`s organism for struggle against disease and for an absolute recovery. Try to give in food to children as much as possible fruit and vegetables, include in a diet the products containing vitamins C, E, B (all group), D, for example, vegetable oil, a citrus, berries, cereals. It is very important, that the child happened in the open air. However do not suppose, that it overcooled in the street and always watch, a leah correctly he is dressed (a leah not too warmly or to the contrary, it is easy) as behaves after returning home, a leah is not present at it temperature, a cold or cough.

at occurrence any, even the most insignificant, cold symptoms – is better not to delay and in due time to be converted behind the help to the doctor. Independent treatment, anyway, will not be effective enough without professional medical aid.