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The Perm figure skaters Vera Bazarova and Yury Larionov: After performance we have passed a dope, have opened a bottle of champagne and have celebrated Belief birthday

Many permjaki watched performance in the European championship in Switzerland very beautiful pair from Perm - Beliefs Bazarovoj and Yury Larionov. Our pair has taken the third place, having conceded only to one more Russian pair Juko of Kawaguchi -   Alexander Smirnov and to Alain Savchenko`s Germans - Robin Sholkovy.

three years ago the Belief and Yury had a silver of the World championship among juniors, one year ago the fifth place of the European championship and 11 - on the Olympic games (read a material how have met figure skaters after the Olympic Games)   and, and now « bronze » the European championship.

Late night from Monday to Tuesday we have met figure skaters at the Perm airport.

- we Congratulate on victory! The third place for you - unexpected result? Or planned?

Yury Larionov: We have consulted with the problem.

Vera Bazarova: We did not plan a place. The main thing - is worthy otkatatsja. With this problem have consulted.

- Plan to win already the Olympic Games in Sochi?

JU. L: Well to the Olympic Games still far.

Century B.: we Dream, of course, of the first place. And plans … There already also we will be defined.

- Belief, you have won « bronze » the European championship on January, 27th, and next day, 28 - go, to you 18 years were executed. How have noted?

Century B.: - the Third place also was the best gift. When I have passed a dope, there was already o`clock in the morning, and we have opened a champagne bottle. It just was in the night from 27 for January, 28th.

- to you suggested to represent other regions, instead of the Perm edge?

- Century B.: We heard about it, but it will be solved by the trainer.

- Once Ilya Averbuh has told that your pair is pleasant to it, but, to take first places, is necessary to move to Moscow or St.-Petersburg where the school is better. A leah agree with it?

Century B.: - We consider that the main thing - to go for a drive, instead of to think, what city represent. We have already proved, what even from Perm it is possible to arrive both on the European championship, and on the World championship.

JU. L: We, to tell the truth, are proud that we represent the Perm edge.

By the way, and 18 - summer Belief, and 24 - summer Yury - not permjaki. It from Ekaterinburg, it - from Novosibirsk. The belief has moved, because nearby and in Perm strong school of figure skating. And Yury was noticed by the Perm trainers and have suggested to move, he has agreed. In our city they began to go for a drive together 6 years ago (about it read in their interview the Perm figure skaters Vera Bazarova and Yury Larionov: « Hit on the Olympic Games did not become for us a surprise » ) .

- And who at you substitutes in figure skating?

JU. L: First of all Belief Careful and Anton Siharulidze.

Century B. It from those who has finished performances. And from operating - the Chinese steams.

- the Interesting choice …

Century B.: They go for a drive till 40 years and still in the good form.

- What at you the nearest plans?

JU. L: One day we will have a rest and again for work. Then - preparation for the World championship (will pass in the end of March in Japan. - Red. )

-   a leah Is at you any talisman or signs before performance?

Century B. : (reflects) the Talisman is not present.

JU. L: Perhaps, any small signs. For example, we come on training in the first day, and then all the same we do - in the same sequence, as on training.

- Met the information on the Internet that you pair not only on ice, but also in life. Do not gather, to get married, for example?

JU. L: For us the main thing while - sports life.

Century B.: (laughs) As they say, first of all – planes, and girls then …


Figure skaters together with the trainer Lyudmila Kalininoj.
the Photo: Alexey ZHURAVLYOV

Lyudmila Kalinina – the trainer of our pair – did not doubt at all good performance of the pupils:

- They iron now the third in Europe.

- And could act better?

- They and so have acted well enough. Any program they otkatali percent on 98 from an ideal. Short … there there was a small error. And on a broader scale they good fellows.

- When you expect from the pupils of the first places on podiums?

- And it, know, depends on how means for statements of programs, for choreographers, trainers as the doctor and so on will work will be allocated.

- That you think of such opinion: to be the first, it is necessary to be nurtured at capital schools on figure skating?

- it do not agree. At us enough good trainers and sportsmen. And why they should be engaged not here, and in Moscow or Peter? And at all of us is. The only thing, it would be necessary to construct a good skating rink. And at whom it is more difficult than a condition, those and strain to be in action.

Figure skaters and the trainer on stadium ice the Eaglet in Perm.
a photo: Irina MOLOKOTINA