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Tens nizhegorodtsev have entered in MMM

Townspeople enter in Sergey Mavrodi`s financial pyramid and buy up MMM - dollars
the main builder of financial pyramids of Russia recently released from places of confinement Sergey Mavrodi has fallen back into the old ways. On January, 22nd in the blog he declared start of the new project based on the same laws of a financial pyramid, as earlier. You think, what the Russians taught by bitter experience will not participate in this adventure? As though not so! Already four thousand persons have brought the money. And nizhegorodtsy among ready once again to be deceived – on an honourable third place (after Muscovites and Petersburgers).

At the very beginning of a blog Sergey Mavrodi on bright - a yellow background the prevention flaunts with large red letters. Three times the author repeats that « it is a financial pyramid! Participating in it, you extremely risk and can lose at any moment all money ». And further follows and at all tremendous text which gives rise to doubt in adequacy of Mavrodi. However,   Sergey Panteleevich of it also does not deny.
- have also in a kind that I the person with an outstanding previous conviction and very bad destiny which deceived all life of all, - am told in the prevention. - according to an observer « the Time » I possess Sajmona Shustera « hypnotic horror of the televangelist - the night-bird » and according to the speaker of the Duma Gryzlov « I bewitch all the charms ». Be on the alert and do not give in to them! And is even better sprinkle the monitor sacred vodoju right after perusals of this prevention. At me was in the childhood of 12 brain concussions and, probably, I at all quite we make. At least, I am not up to the end confident till now, a leah I am completely normal?

the Photo: From a blog of Mavrodi.

Mavrodi promises profitableness from the enterprise in a month 20 - 30 %. On assurances of economists, it is impossible to provide so high profitableness with lawful ways. But Mavrodi and from it does not recant.
- All this swindle at its finest and « impudent and shameless » swindle to participate in which does not follow in nowise and under no circumstances!!! - he writes in the blog. - And I am necessary for crucifying publicly. On Red Square. And as soon as possible. Or even to burn. To arrange such public auto-da-fe. For edification of all other swindlers and speculators. The present, past and future. That henceforth it, damned, nepovadno was! Amen.

but despite all these preventions some tens nizhegorodtsev have already entrusted the money to the person   with – the citation – « 12 brain concussions received   in the childhood ». The list « victims » Mavrodi has hung out also in the blog. However, to understand, who these desperate people, is impossible. From all personal data only the electronic address and a residence there is underlined. We have written to all participants of the new project of Mavrodi. Two persons have responded only.
- I do it for the sake of a joke, instead of for the sake of money, - Alexander has explained the participation in a pyramid of Mavrodi nizhegorodets. – I and participated earlier in similar projects.

to Tell, a leah it though has received any profit, the man has not wanted.
- I read much that the first who has entered a financial pyramid, not bad earn, - other Mavrodi registered in lists nizhegorodets Oleg admitted. – the main thing, to leave in time it!
- and if will not be in time and will lose all money? – we have taken an interest.
- I lucky enough person, hope, as this time will have luck! – without reflecting, he has responded.

Oleg probably not in a course that, according to Federal Agency of court enforcement officers of Moscow, Sergey Mavrodi has not returned till now to the deceived investors previous MMM 4 billion roubles. To millions people then « has not had luck »!