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Young amurchanka with the child have frozen on a country road

Bodies frozen to death of the woman and   the child have found in Mihajlovsky area in the evening on Monday. They lay on a country road near to village Dim.

- the Woman with the seven-year child have left Pojarkovo by a taxi, - Alexey Lubinsky, the senior assistant administrator of investigatory management SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Amur region has told . - They should reach to a farm but why - that left the car on a road fork, whence have decided to go on foot. But have not reached …

And the first have found out 31 - the summer woman, the girl lay approximately in kilometre from it. They could not reach the necessary farm about five kilometres. The watchman of one of the enterprises has come across their bodies.

Now there is a finding-out of all circumstances of an event. Inspectors inspect, which will occupy not less than ten days. They should find out, in what status there was a woman, a leah it was drunk. While the preliminary version of death - overcooling.

it is already known, as the woman, and the little girl lived   in Pojarkovo.