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In Tomsk ZHSK demands to turn under construction house

ZHSK « the Source » consisting of tenants pjatietazhki along the street Vavilov, 14, the house under construction in the neighbourhood (Vavilov, 8) on 90 degrees asks to turn. According to the head of co-operative society, the structure will be « it is planted » on the water drain spent on money   ZHSK, to which already and so the kindergarten and the school located in the neighbourhood are attached. In default from the builder - TNTS the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science - « the Source » threatens to block access to the water drain to the new house.

the Works conducted on Vavilov, 8, officially are called « reconstruction of object of not complete building ». It means that in the end of 1980 - h years began to erect an additional building of school with pool which should be connected transition to old school. A building had time to construct, have made a pile field under a pool building, and have burst historical cataclysms. In 2000 - h collapsing additional building of school have altered in an apartment house. And now, using a small pile field of not taken place pool, TNTS the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science has begun building of the ten-storied house.

was   YOU, BECAME ours

Chairman ZHSK « the Source » Rashid Jalaltdinov is revolted by that in the neighbourhood have started building without the coordination with the proprietor of the water drain that have destroyed constructed 15   years back on money of tenants of Vavilov, 14, a fire entrance to pjatietazhke. Even after the termination of building of the new house it will not be possible to restore road, because on it the thermal site is transferred, underlines Rashid Rafkatovich.  

the Object of dot building will be « it is planted » on ready communications which, according to Rashida Jalaltdinova, belong ZHSK « the Source ». Insert in the house water drain on Vavilov, 14, the co-operative society has not resolved, therefore the new house was connected to it through school. Its old sewer highway has failed in due time from - for ground motions, and ZHSK has allowed to be connected to educational institution to its communications.

- At any zasore all water drain from the new house will be in a cellar of our house, as it   there is above level, than we, - has told to our correspondent Rashid Jalaltdinov. - the School too is above, it already filled in us, but the volume of drains at school is much less, than drains future desjatietazhki.


Now the cellar pjatietazhki looks rather in a civilised way. There there is a small sports hall which visit both tenants of the house, and the youth living in the neighbourhood.

On walls of a cellar of a crack. Over them are established metal majachki which show a status of cracks: They became wider or not.

-   In crack apartments too were, but you now will not see them, because their people zashtukaturili, and outside we too have closed up a crack as it is necessary - explains Rashid Rafkatovich.

Cracks have appeared from - that the building after building has given too big usadku. Presumably, it is connected by that in the course of preparatory researches before building experts have not noticed a water lens. As a result on it the sixth and fifth entrances have got. The co-operative society had to drive in additional piles, to strengthen the base. In the light of these facts building of the heavy big house over them pjatietazhkoj looks for members « the Source » threateningly.

the Earth WILL keep …

And here the assistant the chairman of presidium TNTS of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science Alexander Huzeev any danger to the next buildings in house building on Vavilov, 8, does not see.  

- Within the limits of the municipal General layout of development of Tomsk round the house building 17 - floor apartment houses is planned. Means, geological research in this area is spent, - he underlines, - and it does not give restrictions on building. Hence, all doubts of Rashida Rafkatovicha is its doubts, and they are confirmed by nothing.

Behind explanations we were converted in « Tomskgosekspertizu » the expert   which conducted research before the building beginning. In its opinion, on Vavilov, 14, it is not necessary to search for the reasons of damage of a residential building in object building on Vavilov, 8. A relief for residential building building on a foundation ditch place under pool   Successful enough. As warning actions the expert recommended « the organisation   a superficial drain of water, qualitative performance of works on water removal, an exception of leakings of water bearing communications while in service residential buildings (existing and projected). Sounds well, but hardly it is possible to find at least one house in Tomsk in which the water drain never got littered.


ZHSK « the Source » it was converted into presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences with the request to develop the house project on 90   degrees that it has risen perpendicularly to house ZHSK. Then the distance between houses will increase to 40 m and   pressure upon a ground will be distributed in other party. Then also the school will receive sun light.

According to Rashida Rafkatovicha, the builder does not want to turn the house because for this purpose it is necessary to be spent for the new project and researches.   However house turn would be not such and unprofitable for TNTS the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science: having accepted the offer « the Source » it would be possible to construct though ten entrances and so it will turn out only two.

- But then they should do the water drain. All small chest of building of Tomsk and opens. Builders instead of building microdistricts on mind, sit down on ready communications.

While it is not known, how this conflict, but chairman ZHSK « will be resolved; the Source » it is adjusted resolutely:

-   we Will stop up inserts in our water drain, and let the new house builds the highway.


Vladimir FURSIN, the lawyer:

Here all depends on, a leah is documents on engineering communications outside of houses (water drain). If the certificate on communications is, it is necessary to look, to whom ZHSK   pays for water removal. If connection is made in a pipe which is the general share property of proprietors of premises of an apartment house they have a possibility formally to make a complaint TNTS the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science.

If cracks on a house wall it is necessary to prove interrelation of occurrence of cracks and building have gone. If members of co-operative society prove that actually house building on Vavilov, 8, is conducted with infringement of building norms, it can be suspended.