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the Beach zone of park Friendship we will put in order by May


Hello, Victor Alekseevich! You are disturbed by the inhabitant of your area Svetlana Nikolaeva. I live in a lane Uzbek. Know such lane?

- Certainly, I know. Even I guess, you will set what question. ( Smiles .)

- However, know? And well - ka?

- Probably, on unapproved building.

- have not guessed. Some people living more close to the river, throw out garbage directly in the river. But it after all a disgrace!

- We know about this problem and periodically we catch infringers.

- and you establish the video observation chamber. So business will go faster!

- very good idea. And we will make. Thanks.

good afternoon! He is Victor Alekseevich Berezhnoj?

- Yes, I listen to you.

- my name is Ljubov Fedorovna. I live in a lane Kazakhstan, 19. Victor Alekseevich, help!

- What`s happened?

- in the neighbourhood with our house three houses on 23 floors are under construction. On Saturdays building prevents to have a rest. It is horror any!

- it is good, I will give the order to the assistants. They will talk over with firm - the builder. We hope, they will meet us and you can easy have a rest on Saturdays.

- thanks. Very much for you we hope.

Hello, Victor Alekseevich! You are disturbed by Vitaly Efimovich Kashirin. At me to you such question: on what basis of me have deprived of the ground area in the street Kalinovsky, 9?

- On the basis of the Ground code of the Russian Federation. To you as to the proprietor, it is necessary to demarcate the earth and to put the ground area on the cadastral account, having co-ordinated the scheme of a site with the architect of area and your neighbours.

- and where me on this question to be converted?

- To zemleustroitelju area by phone 233 - 41 - 95.

Good afternoon! Taisija Alekseevna on a wire. Victor Alekseevich, help to book audit in TSZH « On Kapustin »!

- At once I will clear up. TSZH - the independent legal body. The decision on audit carrying out can be accepted at general meeting of proprietors of habitation with 2/ 3 voices.

- and you cannot make anything?

- Alas, the area administration is unauthorized to solve such questions.


Good afternoon! I can hear Victor Berezhnogo?

- Victor Berezhnoj attentively listens to you.

- good afternoon, Victor Alekseevich! My name is Galina Vasilevna. I stand in a queue on habitation since 1987. Leah tell, please, something becomes in area on building of social habitation?

- Now program working out on social habitation just is planned. It will be focused on attraction of investors on conditions favourable to them. The most important thing in this work that habitation cost was really accessible. I think, we closely will approach to the decision of this problem in 2012.

- oh, how much still it is necessary to wait, that habitation to receive?! OK, thanks for the answer.

Hello! Tatyana Petrovna Pleskacheva on communication. Me the destiny of park « interests; Friendship ». When it will put in order?

- the project on restoration of a beach zone is already ready. By May, 2011 we will put it in order: we will clean stuff, we will put toilets and locker rooms. On a competitive basis the investor who will be engaged in an accomplishment of a park zone will be defined.

good afternoon! Julia Olegovna Lavrinenko on communication. We live in a lane Marxist. What will make with houses illegally constructed near us?

- There are two ways of the decision of this problem: either a pulling down, or the builder should redeem the earths at tenants, settle them.

hello, Victor Alekseevich! Olga Ivanovna Savitsky disturbs you. I live in the street Dobrovolsky, 3. Sidewalk near our house in an awful status. The administration of Voroshilovsky area promised that it will make till March, 1st, 2010. So when to wait for repair?

- I will necessarily understand, why sidewalk repair is not made till now. But I can promise to you that it will make within this year. Now the street Borko just is under repair, and after it we undertake Dobrovolsky`s street.

- thanks. With impatience of it we will wait.

« In April will earn a kindergarten 314 »

- Victor Alekseevich, tell, please, in what houses in 2011 capital repairs will be made?

- the preliminary list of houses (in it of 160 addresses) is Now prepared. With financing receipt in the program « About fund of reforming of housing and communal services » it will be defined poadresnyj the list of the houses which are subject to capital repairs in 2011. In the city program of capital repairs   for the purpose of the prevention of emergencies for 2011 5 houses to following addresses are included: the lane Transbaikalian, 51, Lenin`s avenue, 54, street Narimanova, 72/ 7, Lenin`s avenue, 115/ 1, street Krivorozhsky, 63. The sum allocated for repair of these houses, - 20,8 million roubles.

- and how affairs with repair of schools, hospitals, polyclinics in new year will be?

- By September, 2011 it is planned to finish high school repair 56. This year repair in sports halls of schools 96 and 65 will be made. At 12 schools ( 3, 6, 30, 34, 56, 90, 96, 98, 99, 101, 104, 107) capital repairs of dining rooms are planned.

- a question stirring many mummies: a leah is planned in Voroshilovsky area building of new kindergartens?

- Building of new kindergartens this year is not planned. At the same time, considering growing requirement for kindergartens, for all operating preschool centres of area since 2011 additional groups on 440 places open. Besides, in April after capital repairs will earn a kindergarten 314 on 240 places.

As to repair in hospitals and polyclinics, in 2011 polyclinic repair 3 will be continued. The children`s polyclinic   on February, 1st will open; 17, and on March, 1st there will begin the work the general practitioner on street Volkova, 7 - 2.

- Well and certainly, always pressing question about repair of roads and sidewalks...

- Poadresnyj the list includes more than 180 intraquarter fares and sidewalks in all microdistricts of a city for a total sum of 155 million roubles. To any concrete address inhabitants of Voroshilovsky area can learn the information in management of highways by phone 305 - 06 - 14.

- Victor Alekseevich, tell, please, about building of large objects in Voroshilovsky area?

- this year designing will be finished and building of the big sports zone on bul will begin. Komarova: from Dobrovolsky`s street down to avenue The queen, with building of a football ground, pool, it is sports - an entertainment complex on 8 000 places. There is begun building of a covered aquapark with a trading complex on Nagibin`s avenue where there was a stadium « Avant-guard ». Building of an ice skating rink on avenue the Queen, 5 By the end of the year will begin. There is already begun building of new microdistrict « the North » on 70 000 inhabitants around street Orbital - Beljaeva with building of school and two kindergartens. Besides, is planned to begin building of microdistrict 6 and - on the south, below street Starting.


« Journey along school 101 will make till the end of the year »

- When will repair journey along school 101? Terribly for children, cars go directly on sidewalk.

- According to management of highways of Voroshilovsky area, repair of journey along school 101 is brought in the plan of works and will be executed this year.

- tell, please, when the stadium around schools 99 and 101 will be put in order?

- Till September, 1st, 2011 around schools 99 and 101 the new athletic field - a gymnastic complex, basketball and volleyball platforms will be equipped. Money is for this purpose already allocated in the sum of 4,5 million roubles.

- near the house on avenue the Queen, 25 g, last year the Water canal after line repair has left a hole, a mount of the earth and a failure in asphalt. Who should put in order territory?

- Management of highways of Voroshilovsky area has already directed the writ to the address of the Water canal to take measures on an accomplishment of this territory.

- have established transitive the bridge on street Beljaeva, and nearby on sidewalk of full shops, people cannot pass.
Vitaly Alekseevich.

- we Will understand and in the near future we will put things in order.

- in the market « Kvadro » by the piece sell cigarettes to children and teenagers.
Dina Mihajlovna.

- It agree that it not norm. We will understand and will take measures.


How to get on reception to Victor Berezhnomu

the Head of area accepts every Monday, except the first Monday of month, to the address: bul. Komarova, 28/ 5 . Making a list of appointments is spent on Tuesdays by phone 233 - 44 - 13 .

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