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Naomi Campbell has interviewed Vladimir Putin

40 - summer Naomi CAMPBELL was not afraid in the advanced enough years for supermodel to act in film bared for a cover of man`s magazine   GQ which will be issued in March   (details and a photo here). However besides shooting in a naked kind « a black panther » has gone for the sake of magazine on one more courageous step: she has interviewed premieres - the minister of Russia Vladimir PUTIN.

Interview from Vladimir Vladimirovicha Naomi took in November of last year, during time « tigrinogo the summit » on which, we will remind, according to Putin has broken « the present muzhik » Leonardo di Caprio. However to interview then the beauty Campbell has solved all - taki not Leo, and the Russian prime minister. Past Monday interview at last left in the British edition GQ.

Naomi Campbell: you in the good physical form. How you manage to behave in such form?

Vladimir Putin: in Possibly, same way, as to you.

- Actually, I am engaged not so much as followed, but I consider that it is necessary for the good form, health and calmness not only a sound body, but also healthy mind.

- Quite right. You have just answered an own question.

- What your mode of trainings?

- I go to sports hall, every day I float, and from time to time I meet friends for carrying out of various leisure. It is literally the day before yesterday at me there was very good training.

- I saw a photo where you float style butterfly stroke and since has started to live in Russia, I have noticed that the majority of people here floats butterfly stroke. Butterfly stroke I am not able to float, but I have just arrived from the Dead Sea to Jordan, and it was the first time in my life when I kept on a water surface.

- Actually, on the Dead Sea it is possible to float any style. But that time I floated butterfly stroke because water was cold. It was in one of our well-known Siberian rivers, and water temperature was about 16 degrees of Celsius. I wanted to get out of water as soon as possible.

- you are engaged in extreme sports, such as driving by top without a saddle, rafting on the rivers with thresholds, a car racing, mountain skiing, hunting. It raises you or it simply facade? You for certain had physical injuries.

- In student`s years I have broken a finger, playing the fool during training, but recently to me carried, and anything such was not.

- in the Summer you have photographed on motorcycle Harley - Davidson at festival of bikers in Ukraine. As you were accepted by bikers, these “ Night wolves ”?

- Well, it on - to the present excellent guys, on - to the present cool guys. One of them was very courageous person who has driven of some thousand of kilometres on a two-wheeled motorcycle. It the invalid with one foot, it has lost the second where - that in Yugoslavia during war. I - not abrupt, here these guys, they - yes.

- you undoubtedly make indelible impression upon women. What do you think of the students, which steels models for the calendar devoted to you?

- Girls very much were pleasant to me, they beautiful. The calendar was pleasant to me, but it not the most important. As to the second calendar, well, almost in each country, and in Russia, I think, especially, fashionably to criticise people in power. If you support somebody like me, you will accuse of attempts to get into favour. Girls in an erotic calendar have led valiantly, they were not frightened. Being students of journalism faculty, they should understand that it can tell after the calendar publication. Nevertheless it is them has not stopped, and all of them have equally prepared a calendar. So, to tell the truth, it also was pleasant to me most of all.  

- It is said that you visit fisticuffs. And though in one participated?

- Is not present, it is not my sports, I from 14 years am engaged in a judo. But fisticuffs on which I went, have very much impressed me. They are abrupt children. I looked performances of the Russian, French and British commands, and each of these sportsmen merits a great praise. There are even women who are engaged in it.

- the big women?

- Not the big, simply strong women.

- I would like such to see. So, Vladimir, now I want to ask you here that: you consider as the rigid leader so why the Russian prime minister - the minister has decided to take part in Global tigrovoj to the initiative?

- Here all is simple. Once I have seen on the TV transfer about the Russian and American volunteers who are engaged in the Far East in protection of tigers from poachers. I have been impressed seen, therefore have decided to understand it better. I have started to read that has been written about this transfer, and to talk to experts. I have decided that these volunteers should get support, therefore I have thought up the program which was supported some by special funds. The initial sum of assignments has made 5 million dollars, and then we have started to expand the program which includes today the Himalaya bears, polar bears and other beasts.

- I hoped to see today on a scene of a tiger. Actually, I hoped to see a polar bear - after all I have lived in Russia two years. I know, what you faced a tiger face to face under natural conditions - what sensations?

- it was pleasant To me, but it is impossible to tell the same about all my Russian colleagues. When I have arrived to reserve, a tiger have caught in the special trap, made so that not to do to animals harm, but to give the chance to scientists for studying. Journalists from the First channel have arrived to remove a plot, and were opposite to a tiger who was in a trap. But the tiger has appeared clever and as soon as chambers have earned, it has pushed a paw through a trap. It was visible that journalists were frightened. Later we managed to trap a tiger, therefore we have lulled him by means of a tranquilizer, and scientists managed to make that is necessary - they took the analysis of blood and even have put on an animal a special collar to watch its movement. It has appeared that it was the tigress, and the blood analysis has shown that it is pregnant. Soon after that we have received shots with razveshannyh on woods of videocameras on which there was this tigress with two tigrjatami. So at me perfect impressions of a meeting with tigers under natural conditions.

- the passing summit is an action top-level, but it was how much difficult to involve so many world leaders to St.-Petersburg?

- it is absolutely simple, and practically all have responded to the invitation immediately. Earlier we gathered in the cut down structure, and this time all have quickly relaxed, and conversation became friendly and easy. At a meeting there was a trust atmosphere, and all colleagues frankly spoke about necessity of wildlife management and tigers. We hope that measures which we discussed today, will be really realised.

- as a result of the summit participants have accepted the strategy, called to help to save tigers and to take all measures necessary for it. A leah you believe, what it will bring growth of number of individuals of tigers and will reduce poaching level, and what in the near future instead of only 3200 tigers all over the world, at us will be more?

- I am assured that we will become successful. I see that my colleagues from other countries are adjusted on the decision of this problem. Moreover, our colleagues from India have already undertaken some important steps, and to it it other countries help. For example, to Bangladesh they do things which seem us very interesting. We have heard for the first time about their initiatives, and we, undoubtedly, will use their positive experience.