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The deodorant should use... For the night!

on the Internet from a blog and a blog the advice overturning upside down representation about daily hygiene and prompting of beauty wanders. How much they represent the facts, we assort with experts

1. To dry hair from tips to top

the Hair dryer we we dry hair not so much, how much we help them to accept the necessary volume. Remember, how you direct a current of air? I here from below upwards. It appears, it is wrong. Packing « turns out; against wool ». As a result hair dry up, elektrizujutsja, become disobedient.

it is correct to dry hair from top to down. That is from top to tips. So cheshujki hair is smoothed, and the head of hear looks more brilliant. Though also less volume.
- Vobshchem - that it is correct, - Elena Ermakova considers triholog. - But I would recommend to use less often on a broader scale the hair dryer, utjuzhkami, plojkami in the winter. From - for a central heating hair and so are overdried. If all - taki to use the hair dryer, on a mode of cool air.

2. To put antipersperanty after a morning shower

Clear business, it is necessary to use a deodorant after bathroom visitation. The people do it since morning. It was found out - in vain.

it is correct to use a deodorant - antipesperantom in the evening. Through 15 - 20 minutes after a shower, on a pure skin. And easy to go to sleep. The deodorant needs time to be absorbed. And « to work » it will begin in the morning when we will rise, we will start to move. And the morning shower to it like also is not terrible, not smoetsja.

- the true share in this advice is, - the doctor the dermatologist - the cosmetician Olga Romanov argues. - But the put means can is banal to prevent to fall asleep.
especially, if it with invigorating smell. I think if to use a deodorant since morning, will be nothing terrible. To wait 5 - 10 minutes that it has dried up. And then to put on.

And more: it is not necessary to abuse this means. It provokes allergies, irritations, corking of glands. If there is a possibility (for example, during week-end) not to use by a deodorant - do breaks.

3. To buy expensive medical shampoos

Than only the people are not bought to rescue hair. Including washing-up liquids for a mane of horses. Spends thousand on expensive Japanese - German shampoos. And too, it appears, in vain forks up.   on a status of hair shampoo, and balm - the conditioner operates not. The problem of the first only to dissolve fats and to wash off a dirt. And on a broader scale there are on a head few minutes.

it is correct . Shampoos to take any. And here on the conditioner in nowise it is not necessary to save.

- absolutely cheap shampoos all - taki I would not advise, - tells Ermakova - Wash up a head cheap shampoo of mass production and qualitative medical cosmetics for hair. The difference will be appreciable. But to spend thousand for shampoo and to wait for a miracle it is really useless.

4. To prefer cosmetics in jars

Creams in flat tubas so in a fantastic way look on a dressing table. Only here a jar – the enemy of all useful components. From a touch with oxygen, the majority of them is oxidised, become senseless. Plus we fingers introduce there a heap of bacteria. As a result it is possible to receive everything – from irritation to an inflammation. Also do not tell about sticks - rakes, do not help – though time yes you will get into a cream a hand.

it is correct to choose creams in tubas or small bottles - dozatorah.

- And here it is truth, - Olga Romanov agrees. – the better « it is closed » capacity for a cream, the better.

5. To use a night cream directly before going to bed

it would Seem, it and is called: a night cream. Has put   - and in bajushki. The more you will put, the better. Here is not present. You will wake up hypostases under eyes in the morning.

it is correct a night cream to use in the evening, after returning from work and clarification of the person. And to sleep to go hour through ones and a half - two. If it will not have time to be absorbed, surpluses of a cream are better for cleaning from the person a napkin.

- All is correct, - agree Romanov. - To the same women who comes from work in 10 - 11 evenings, it is necessary to search for means with less fat structure. It is possible to use for the night a day cream. It is absorbed faster.

6. More often to use srubs

Or means with peeling parts.   such happen in gels for washing. Some ladies use them almost daily, especially « trespass » it of the girl. Too often to scratch the person it is impossible: you istonchaete the skin, removing over and over again high layers epidermisa. As a result the skin starts to dry, redden. In mikroranki microbes can get and the inflammation will begin.

- to Use skabami it is necessary carefully, - it agree Romanov, - it is correct : not more often than once a week. And with a thin skin, vascular asterisks they also are at all counter-indicative to women. They should exchange srubs for means with fruit acids.

7. To remove a make-up a wadded disk

Has put here at all in the form of cotton wool, and volume how correctly to put on a skin means for make-up removal. It is wrong to wash off eyes water, especially daily. And not correctly to put on a disk a milk (butter and tp), and then to pound it on a skin.

it is correct to impregnate a disk with means and densely to press it for some seconds to eyes. To wait, while will dissolve « a paint ». And then to clean a make-up a couple of lungs (!) Movements.

Our experts - cosmeticians with it agree.

8. Ratushevyvat on the person voice-frequency means

to put voice-frequency means on the face a drop, and then to smear it on the person not correctly. So at you it will not turn out a monophonic face, there can be stains - more darkly and is more light.

it is correct to drip a few tone on a palm, to wait while it will be warmed, to put on small pillows of fingers - and to drive in slightly into a face skin. Then tone will be equal. Then it is possible to use powder. And already over it it is necessary to put blush, find fault - lajter (more light powder) and bronzat.

9. To be powdered, if there was a shine on the person

As a rule, fat shine appears on problem T - a zone. And we simply powder it. Thus powder absorbs fat, pores - and   are clogged up; become more appreciable. And the make-up is heavier, we resemble a theatrical make-up.

it is correct to get wet « sweated » places a napkin. And then it is accurate, a thin layer to put powder.

- For this purpose will be ideally suited matirujushchie napkins from a special thin paper, - adds Romanov.

10. To put shades, having raised eyebrows

It, of course, already subtleties. But the correct make-up of that costs. It appears, it is not necessary to lift eyebrows when put shades on eyelids. The skin stretches also a make-up it turns out not equal.

it is correct to put shades « sweeping » movements to the left - to the right. So accents and borders will be placed precisely.