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In Novocherkassk judge the thieves demanding for life the girl of five millions of roubles

repeated litigation over thieves 26 - summer Olga Kulikovoj Has begun. In the end of January, on the eve of adjudgment to brothers of Ivanenko, the judge has unexpectedly resigned. Therefore hearings begin anew.

- My grand daughter very strongly worries that it is necessary to remember again those events, for it it is serious stress, - the grandmother of the victim, Lyudmila Ivanovna speaks. - But what to do? The main thing that thieves have been punished, instead of have got off with the minimum terms as they confirm.


Olga Kulikovu have stolen in Novocherkassk in the evening on January, 19th last year, on the way from work home.   the Girl has heard that behind it someone goes, and having turned, has received a punch in the person. Simultaneously at the foreign car parked nearby the back door has swung open, and unfortunate have dragged in the car...

- when to me the spouse has told that the unknown person has called from a mobile phone of the grand daughter and, distorting words, has demanded five millions roubles, I at first have not believed, - Lyudmila Ivanovna, former managing a kindergarten which, having retired remembers, has decided to be engaged in trade . - to gain time, the husband has told to the thief that it is necessary to carry on negotiations with the spouse, but it will be only in an hour. All this time we unsuccessfully searched for Olga, and then were already converted into militia.

agents of national security at first have not believed. What normal person will demand such money with seljanki? But 26 - summer Olga really could not find anywhere. Lyudmila Ivanovna has been already prepared for a following call by police officers. Transfer of money   (Five millions have borrowed from bank) have agreed to make next day in Novocherkassk. Militiamen insisted, that the woman which clothes in literal sense have stuffed with different equipment, did not leave from a place, differently it will be difficult to track it.

are there were the most terrible minutes in my life, - she admits. - To me spoke not to be nervous, I have drunk dozen tablets, but knees and hands shivered.

however the thief has not appeared, and has called and has ordered to pass on the next street, there to leave money in the parked car without registration number. Thoughts on the grand daughter have given to the pensioner of resoluteness.

- I sharp tone have declared that badly I know a city therefore I will not go anywhere. And a point! - Lyudmila Ivanovna remembers.

Won some minutes have allowed field investigators who heard conversation, quickly to drive on the next street where really there was a car without registration number. Thieves any more did not call, but shadowing the suspicious car has been established.


All this time Olga lived in a small room of the thrown house on suburb of Novocherkassk.

- I connected was brought in any house by two in masks, - the hostage speaks. - They shouted, promised to kill, if the grandmother refuses to pay the repayment.

soon the most aggressive has left. With Olga there was a gangster who if it is possible so to say, behaved on - dzhentlmenski. When from - for broken jaws at the girl the person has swelled, he even tried to feed from a spoon.

When field investigators already had shadowed car of suspects, thieves, probably, have felt it.

- at night on January, 21st when the third days have gone, my security guard has ordered to put on and follow quickly it, - Olga tells. - I have asked: « to Kill? ». He has kept silent, having put on my head a bag.

by this time the girl`s face has terribly swelled, she hardly could speak, strong spasms have begun. They went minutes ten on any thrown waste ground, and then have stopped on asphalt.

- you that, release me? - the girl with hope has asked.

- On two hundred roubles - by a taxi will suffice... Run while they are not present! - that has responded, having removed from it a bag .

Olga has jerked how never in life ran...

« time has forgiven - any more I will not forgive! »

Militiamen managed to detain only two thieves - 22 - summer Denis (it and was « kind » the security guard) and 29 - summer Dmitry Ivanenko, the person of the third who left the car right after abductions, and it was not possible to establish.

- I was in shock when has learnt who exactly has stolen our girl, - tells Lyudmila Ivanovna . - They lived in farm almost in the next street!

couple of years back one of brothers tried to plunder trading pavilion of the pensioner, him have detained, however the woman has believed to entreaties of mother of the predator which knew many years.

- now, a leah when me ask acquaintances supposedly I am going to forgive thieves, I speak: « Time has forgiven - any more I will not forgive! » especially when at the first session of court has seen their grinning persons...