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In Egypt want to forget somewhat quicker about Mubarake

Cairo court has decided to erase Hosny Mubarak`s name and his wives Sjuzanny from country life. In the fastest future it will disappear from names of hundreds streets, the areas, libraries and schools.

Hosny Mubarak, 29 years an iron hand correcting Egypt, now are in custody in hospital krasnomorskogo a resort Charm - an ale - the Sheikh. When the status eks - the president who has fallen ill with heart attack, will improve, it is waited by interrogation. Mubaraka accuse of corruption and in force application at suppression of demonstrations. Agency Mena on Thursday has informed that Hosny Mubarak`s state of health on - former astable.

memory Destruction about eks - the president has already begun – its portraits have cleaned from public buildings on all country. Having disposed to clean a name of Mubaraka from names, judge Mohammed Hassan Omar has explained: « It becomes now clear that the scales of corruption opened every day, any imagination » surpasses;.

After a judgement the minister of transport has promised to clean a name of Mubaraka from everything that is connected with transport, including huge underground railway station in Cairo.

Most likely become anonymous streets name names of the people who were lost for 18 days of February revolution. To choose is from whom: at least 846 persons were lost and 6400 have got wounds.