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Already two children have picked up infected ticks

Pincers this year have woken up for ten days later, than in the past. Since April, 11th on the analysis have handed over only 10 insects. However, three of them have already appeared are infected by viruses: two - entsefalitom, one - borreliozom. Among victims - small children. One kid has picked up the tick in Bragin, the second - in Zavolzhsky area. Parents were quickly converted behind medical aid, to children have entered the necessary preparations, and now nothing threatens their health.

Some more person have found out on itself krovososov after walks with dogs.

- Insects brought already from the Rostov, Yaroslavl, Borisoglebsky and Nekrasovsky areas, - the manager of laboratories Rospotrebnadzora Lyudmila Zajtseva has told. - Mass invasion we expect in May, but all depends on weather. If it will be hot and it is solar, pincers will lose activity.

we Will remind, Yaroslavl region takes last years in the lead positions in the Central federal district on disease entsefalitom and borreliozom. Last year three persons have died from kleshchevogo entsefalita.

according to physicians to confront with an infection it is possible only by means of inoculations. Vaccination is spent all-the-year-round. This year free of charge plan to impart 18 860 children and 8800 adults, among which pensioners and the people working in woods.

- the Area has got a qualitative German vaccine « Entsepur » for children, - have explained in Rospotrebnadzore. - For adults have bought a good preparation of the Moscow manufacturer. It is possible to do inoculations independently, for this purpose it is enough to be converted into polyclinic in a residence.

And in laboratory (street Voinova, 1) the prices remained at level of last year: to investigate the tick on entsefalit there are 280 roubles, on borrelioz - 400. The antibody which enter to the person in case of detection of the infected insect, will suffice on everything so experts assure. Preparation action effectively within first three days after prisasyvanija the tick.

- Many wrongly think that the tick necessarily should be live. Some, having removed an insect, cover to it a jar with a grass, put wet cotton wool, even drip the blood. It is not necessary to do it! We can investigate even the dried up insects, - Lyudmila Lvovna explains. - the Main thing - to place the tick in tight transparent capacity, but only not in a bottle.

War to pincers already declared and on dezstantsijah. For a week it is planned to process all nine city cemeteries, that is on Radonitsu jaroslavtsy can easy visit tombs of the relatives. In total in a city will process about 110 hectares, including parks, avenues and stadiums. On area disinfect more thousand hectares. By the way, in parallel in these zones spend processings from rodents, after all they are frequent carriers of dangerous insects.

- One processing suffices on one and a half month, - are assured of Rospotrebnadzore. - If it is required, we will process repeatedly.


How to take the tick

If you have noticed that the tick has stuck to a body, it is necessary to try to get accurately it better by means of tweezers. It is possible also fingers, but it is obligatory to put on medical gloves or to take in hands a gauze slice. It is necessary to unscrew accurately an insect from ranki, as a screw or a bulb. In nowise it is impossible to pull and pick out. In ranke there can be a head of an insect. Do not dare to pull out the tick independently, it is necessary to be converted into medical institution.

Physicians do not recommend to drip into place where the tick, sunflower-seed oil has stuck. As a rule, after this procedure the insect gets out itself, but it can occur not at once. That is the finding of the tick on a body can be stretched for long time and create infection threat.