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In the Tula woods pincers

have woken up there Have come warm days. Inhabitants of Tula were pulled on picnics. But to relax, overturning shashlychki in a brazier, it is not necessary. After all together with approach of good weather pincers wake up. And they as it is known, are carriers of infectious diseases -   iksodovyh kleshchevyh borreliozov, fevers of the Western Nile, tuljaremii and other sores. Pincers are dangerous as to animals, and the person.


last year were converted number of pincers and them infitsirovannost borrelijami has sharply increased. Then 1200 persons were converted into medical institutions of the Tula area apropos prisasyvanija pincers nearby. At 11 persons have laboratory confirmed borrelioz.


In Tula:
- Shcheglovsky zaseka;
- Komsomol park;
- the Central park;
- Birchwoods and landings.
in the Tula area:
Aleksinsky, Arsenevsky, Belevsky, Venevsky, Dubensky, Zaoksky, Efremovsky, Lenin, Kireevsky, Novomoskovsk, Odoevsky, Plavsky, Suvorovsky, Shchekinsky, Uzlovsky, Chernsky, Jasnogorsky   areas.


In size the tick from 2 - h to 4 - h mm LOOKS. Brown colour. The little body flat, is protected by a chitinous armour. Four pairs pads. It is outwardly similar to a spider.


For walks in wood it is necessary to put on correctly:
- a shirt with long sleeves fill in trousers. Trousers in socks and further in boots.
- on a head a hat, a cap or a scarf.
- it is desirable to use the means which are frightening off of pincers (reppelentami) which put on clothes, they can be bought in any household shop.
- periodically osmotrivajte clothes on yourselves, the fellow travellers and if you took on the nature of the house pupil, also it.

HOW to GET rid OF the TICK
If have found out the tick on a body for its removal it is necessary to be converted into medical institution immediately. But if to make it it is impossible, …
- Carefully will extend the tick tweezers, shaking here and there. If near at hand there are no tweezers, take an insect, having tied with its paunch with a thread. Edges ranki process a solution of iodine or zelenki.
- It is impossible to get rid of the tick, greasing with its vegetable oil, gasoline, cologne. It will complicate breath of an insect, and it can be lost at you under a skin. It is fraught with infection.
- having pulled out the tick, in nowise him do not kill. Put an insect in bank with a wet grass and close a cover. Bring a parasite in « the Center of hygiene and epidemiologii in the Tula area » to the address: street Defensive, 114, bodies. (4872 37 - 39 - 56. There an insect investigate in laboratory and will define, infectious it or not.


On a place prisasyvanija the infected tick is shown, on a body of the person there can be a skin reddening, however at every fifth victim it is not an obligatory symptom. In the disease beginning the indisposition, rise in temperature, pains in muscles, consolidation of lymphatic glands are marked. If in due time not to spend treatment illness will pass in the chronic form,   there will be symptoms   defeats of nervous system, heart, joints that can lead to physical inability.

For definition infitsirovannosti activators of infectious diseases it it is necessary to deliver the tick to research in laboratory FGUZ   « the Center of hygiene and epidemiologii in the Tula area » to the address: street Defensive 114, bodies. (4872 37 - 39 - 56.
to learn, the person was ill or not, it is necessary for it to hand over twice blood from a vein: in 1,5 and 3 months after prisasyvanija the tick. The secondary analysis is spent for control of efficiency of treatment and revealing of late forms of illness.


It is impossible to press ticks on clothes or a skin as it is possible to pick up an infection.