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The chief of Department of transport and communication of the Tver region is not satisfied by a road condition

to Talk about roads and communication in the Tver region d radio studio « » (99,3 FM) the head of the largest structure &ndash on April, 22nd has come; Department of transport and communication of the Tver region Andrey Rasskazov.  

At the very beginning of conversation he has declared that estimates a status of a high system of region, as unsatisfactory.  

- I am not happy with quality of our roads, - have answered the first question Andrey Vasilevich. – and our problem – the problem of Department, Road fund and all our work to make so that they would be good and constantly improved. If to speak about, why they at us such it is quite explainable. And the reason banal – shortage of financing of road branch. At what underfinancing at us chronic, long-term.  

For this reason, according to Andrey Rasskazova, on 90 % of roads of the Tver region terms of the next repair on eight &ndash are passed; ten years. Nevertheless, asfaltnobetonnoe the covering is necessary to repair everyone seven - eight years.  

unfortunately, ours roads to the majority were not under repair for 20 and more years, - Andrey Vasilevich has underlined. – there should be three - four repairs, instead of was any. On all roads of money does not suffice.  

the subject of roads, by tradition, is hot each inhabitant of region, therefore and calls to the air was much. So, investigator Alexander was converted with a question concerning a status of road from settlement Wood the Tver region to Pestova already the Novgorod region. According to calling, this small road is many years in a deplorable state.  

- On this road complaints already repeatedly came, - the head of Department of transport and communication of Verhnevolzhja has explained. – In inter-season period it really considerably break. This road the most short way from the Novgorod region to Moscow. Nevertheless, in settlement Pestovo territory there is a manufacture of small carriages which transport, as consequence and break road. We know about it and we hold a question on control. I think that it will get to the repair schedule for 2012, earlier simply we will not be in time.  

If you have complaints to work of road services or a road condition of Verhnevolzhja, it is possible to call by phone of a direct line of Department of transport and communication of the Tver region: 8 - 800 - 450 - 11 - 15.  

the Subject of day: Tver on frequency 99,3 FM. Quality of regional roads