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In Moscow suburbs creditors have alive buried the debtor

  the local resident was converted Into call centre OVD on Solnechnogorsky area of Moscow Region and has told that its two prjatelja, threatening with a pistol, have planted it in the car, have selected phone and have taken away from Zelenograd in village Lytkino. There they have landed it in pure a field and have left.

To the place of state of emergency field investigators have gone. When profits to the address, have found out that calling all is soiled in the earth., What`s happened, the man has responded to a question:

- Acquaintances here have brought me, have selected phone, have given a shovel and have told to dig a hole. I have dug out. And they speak, climb there. I have climbed. And then they covered me with earth.

- have alive buried? - Guards were surprised.

- Leaves so, - the victim admitted.

As it is surprising, but, despite a thick layer of earth which friends - companions fell asleep the friend, it nevertheless managed to get out in this world. From a tomb it has straight gone on the nearest gas station and therefrom has called in police.

Chasteners had appeared 20 - the summer native of Dagestan and 24 - the summer inhabitant of Solnechnogorsky area. Now both are detained. From them it is withdrawn stolen at suffered phone and a traumatic pistol on which, by the way, there was no permission. Executioners have explained the cruel act simply:

- He has borrowed from us the musical equipment, and till now does not return.

Now concerning creditors criminal case under article « is brought; robbery ».