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The Universe will have a fourth measurement

It appears, our Universe at the moment of the birth was one-dimensional. And if then someone could live in it, it would name « ploskatikom ». To such surprising conclusion physicists Dejan Stojkovich and its colleagues from university Buffalo in New York have come the doctor. According to scientists, in the course of evolution two more measurements were added. So there was a world in which we now live. But here now the Universe on a threshold of new grandiose event: occurrences of the fourth measurement. Represent, how all world surrounding us can unrecognizably change?

and it not simply theoretical calculations. Doctor Stojkovich is assured that it will be possible to prove a hypothesis experimentally. It is necessary to wait for five years only. And in 2016 in a terrestrial orbit of NASA and EKA (the European space agency) will mount laboratory LISA. With its help astronomers intend to search for gravitational waves. For today they while are studied only in the theory.

- but they will not find them, - assures Stojkovich. - Any an ox it will be revealed not as in one-dimensional world they exist simply could not. It also becomes some kind of the proof of the idea put forward by us.

and some scientists - optimists even began to dream of a real embodiment of old dream of fantasts - travel to time.