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How believing to spend the Holy Saturday and Easter?

Easter - a special feast, the most joyful, for believers, after all it proclaims victory over death and life eternal. This feast reminds that God has gone down on the earth, became the person, has sacrificed itself for world sins, has suffered and has risen. Easter symbolises victory over death, opens hope of eternal life for the person.

SATURDAY: it is possible to work, consecrate food

On the Holy Saturday of Tserkovvospominaet Jesus Christ burial, abiding of Its body in a coffin, descent in a hell for announcing there victories over death and introduction of the sensible robber in paradise.

Church services.   in the Morning on Saturday Vasily Velikogo`s liturgy is made. In its some temples minister at night so the schedule is better for specifying in advance. In Holy Saturday worship service are traced both mourning, and celebratory Sunday lines, therefore for a liturgy priests change the dark clothes on light, as though reminding, what joyful feast approaches.

In big cities not always all interested persons are located in temples, therefore Easter cakes, krashenye eggs, passovers, start to shine meat in the afternoon on Saturday. Mistresses prepare dishes for a festive table, but, we will remind, to partake them it will be possible only on Sunday.

in the Evening, at various times (usually from five - six evenings) in temples start to shrived believers.

After the liturgy will end, services in a temple are not present. In it time Acts of the Apostles are read. About eleven, the half twelfth evening in temples it is ministered polunoshchnitsa. The canon over a shroud is read, it is transferred from the centre of a temple and assigned to a holy table where remains for 40 days, before Ascension Christ`s.

At midnight Religious procession is made, then the paschal matins, solemn worship service which then passes in a paschal liturgy are ministered. After that believers already can razgovetsja though many prefer to wait till the morning.

Meal.   Today it is possible to eat fast food with vegetable oil . but many believing on the Holy Saturday at all refuse food before Easter. Or at least do not eat in the evening and before in the sky there will be a first star though it is already faster national tradition, instead of church.

Free time. Saturday is considered in the great afternoon, but not celebratory, today it is possible to work. It is considered that today all who can, should come to the office in a temple. If there is no possibility this day at least houses, or on the journey it is possible to honour the Gospels.

SUNDAY: The holiday devoted to the family

Service. Vhramah is ministered a liturgy, same, as well as at night. Its time needs to be specified directly in a temple. There, where many people, for example, in the Minsk cathedral come, it is ministered twice.

the Great paschal Vespers on Sunday are ministered before, in three - four o`clock in the afternoon. It passes very solemnly.

Meal.   fast Today comes to an end. Having woken up after a night office of vigils or having returned with morning, the family sits down a table and razgovljaetsja: light a candle, sing paschal canticles. Most important of them for certain know all: « the Christ voskrese from dead, smeritiju on death having trampled, and real in a coffin a stomach having bestowed ». Sing it three times. Then it is possible to partake the ferial I write, that is meat, fish, eggs.

Free time. Today homework is better for postponing. Razgovenie occurs in the family circle. But then, it is considered, today it is necessary to remove time native, close, to friends. The evesong passes before, therefore after it it is possible to call visitors, to descend on a visit. By tradition today give Easter eggs, communicate behind a festive table. At a meeting « hrimstosujutsja » exchange kisses with words « the Christ voskrese! » - « Truly voskrese! »

By the way, celebratory all week after Easter is considered, it is called Light sedmitsa. It is important to notice that within all week since Sunday the same liturgy, with little changes, as for Easter is ministered. And if you could not get to a temple on Sunday, it is necessary to make it in any of next seven days.