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Intersharm - 2011 : all secrets of beauty

Here to you and creams for all parts of a body, and shampoos with the balms, capable to revive pickled by a paint and a permanent wave hair, and decorative cosmetics.

except these things necessary for everyone woman, there are also everyones ljubopytnosti. For example, seaweed for ober ­ tyvany by which it is possible to do in house conditions. Directly in pavilion it is possible to join procedures - to make a mask, to test new ways epiljatsii or struggle against a cellulitis.

the big section is devoted an aromatherapy. Experts will tell, how aromas influence an organism and that, inhaling some smells, it is possible to cure a headache and even to grow thin!

many go on this exhibition of beauty to be excited with new tendencies and to buy luxury cosmetics for reasonable prices. The prices on « Intersharme » at times below store almost half!

And at an exhibition will pass the championship on nail service where the knowledge, and a creative professionals from all Russia will show abilities.

WHERE: « the Expo Crocus » pavilion 2, z ­ m. items « are scarlet 10 and 11; Mjakinino » 65 - 66 - j MKAD km.

WHEN: Till April, 16th inclusive.

the PRICE of TICKETS from 600 rbl.