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America could remain without the first black president

In the book devoted to mother of Barack Obama – « the Lonely woman: not told history of mother of Barack Obama » affirms that in 9 years the future president of the United States dreamt to head the government of Indonesia.

Ann Danhem has died at the age of 52 years in 1995 before her son has politicised. In marriage for the Kenyan of the Barrack Hussein Obama of the senior it left in 18 years when it was already pregnant the Barrack younger. After Ann`s divorce has married Indonesian Lolo Soetoro and has moved with the Barrack to Indonesia.

the Future US president has lived in Indonesia 4 years, with 6 till 10 years; then has returned to Hawaii, where veins with parents of mother. In Indonesia Barry Soetoro (so then called the Barrack) was necessary to face racism time and again.

American Elizabeth Brajant, those years too living in Indonesia, remembers an old dinner with Obama and his mother. After a dinner all have gone to walk. The barrack has run forward, but has come across group of local children which have thrown its stones, crying out racist slogans.

In the book some more cases when the Barrack had to suffer affliction from - for skin colours are described.
besides, Dzhenni Scott asserts in the book that Ann Danhem though considered the son extraordinary as the exceptional child, from time to time it … porola.

with last statement Barack Obama categorically does not agree. As the statement of the White house affirms that mother of the president never resorted to corporal punishments.