Rus News Journal

C a feast! Dear orthodox inhabitants of Volgograd!

on behalf of deputies of the Volgograd municipal duma accept the most sincere congratulations on one of the main Christian feasts - light Christ`s Anastasis!

This spring feast unites millions people all over the world: all who shrives Orthodoxy, divides Christian moral values and foundations, validly concerns a cultural heritage. Easter symbolises a good celebration over harm, justice victory, spiritual updating, fills all believers with vital energy. These perfect days of heart of people are filled with quivering pleasure and love to near, sincere desire to create peaceable things.

Is pleasant to mark an increasing role of the Volgograd archdiocese in formation spiritually - a moral climate in region without which it is impossible to present the world and prosperity on our native Volgograd earth. Today the archdiocese actively participates in public life, conducts selfless activity for strengthening of the moral foundations, traditional family values, is engaged in youth education.

Dear friends! This light and joyful day we wish your of good luck, the world, well-being, a sound health, prosperity and many successes in works!


Irina Karev,

the chairman of the Volgograd municipal duma, the head of fraction « an United Russia ».