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Russians will construct at us the atomic power station - a copy Petersburg

In March is signed mezhpravitelnoe the agreement on which it is defined: the station at us will be built by the Russians, the first block will be entered in 2017, the second – in 2018 - m. the Countenanced project of station is developed by Sankt - the Petersburg scientific research institute « Atomenergoproekt ».

- Our projects – Tjanvansky   the atomic power station in   China, the atomic power station in Finland, - were told by the assistant to the general director « Atomenergoproekt » Vladimir Bezlepkin. - At the moment under the project of our institute in Russia it is constructed two stations – it LAES - 2 (in Leningrad region) and the Baltic atomic power station (in the Kaliningrad region).

By the way, predecessor LAES - 2 and the future Belarus atomic power station – just Tjanvansky station.

- IAEA recognised the Tjanvansky atomic power station of the most safe in the world from all constructed for today, - the director of programs « has declared; Rosatom » Sergey Bojarkin, - It – prototype LAES - 2, and stations which we will build in Kaliningrad and Belarus – exact copies LAES - 2.

building of two power units of our atomic power station will manage, by estimation, in 6 - 7 billion dollars which Russia promises to lend to Belarus.


Tjanvansky   the atomic power stations

First two blocks are started in commercial operation in 2007. Building of 6 more blocks Is supposed. During operation at station it is not fixed any non-staff situation.

On the atomic power station the element of technologies of third generation &mdash is used; under the reactor case it is established « a trap » for detention and rasholazhivanija the fused active zone. In a case zaproektnoj failure the fused fuel materials will not destroy the basis and the base. Cost of a construction of the two first power units has made $3 billion